Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Food, lately: Post marathon redux

You want to know something insane?

Don't answer that - I'm going to tell you anyway. Now that the racing season is over and I'm fully embracing the "relax, have fun" mentality, I'm not burning 1,000 calories a day and my body no longer needs endless bowls of oatmeal and bread. Insanity, I told you! It's easy (to want) to forget but the carb loading for Veterans left me feeling bloated and with a bit of an overhang - if you know what I mean.

As I mourned my disappointing race, I decided that the one thing I could fix was my diet. I wanted to rein in calories, cut back on the carbs, reduce sugar and build in some more protein. I am by no means perfect, especially yesterday when I had to take Miles to the doctor (wheezing = steroids + breathing treatments) and a photo shoot at work that necessitated red velvet cake.

It is better, though, and I'll take it.

 photo null_zpsea7e8858.jpg

Breakfast: Egg Beater veggie scramble with side of wheat toast
Snack 1: Fage 0% Greek yogurt + Red Velvet Munchkins (after the doctor)
Lunch: White Bean Chili with mixed green salad
Snack 2: Veggies with Eat Well Enjoy Life Edamame Hummus (my new obsession) + popcorn (unpictured) + 1/2 slice red velvet cake
Dinner: Chickpea burger on lettuce, microwave turnip chips and a couple tablespoons mac and cheese
Snack 3: Oatmeal with chia seeds and a handful of Cheez-Its while I read to Miles

What have you been eating lately?


  1. That has been one of the benefits of not doing a marathon (or many halves for that matter) this year. I know I don't need all the calories and carbs. Good for you for using the 'down-time' to eat well. Hope Miles is ok!

  2. I've been eating a lot of emotions and they are starting to show on my ass.

  3. I'm feeling you on the "overhang", while I didn't gain during marathon training, I didn't lose what I had gained over the winter either! Bummer. So now I'm back on the healthy eating train and missing my bagels!