Thursday, August 1, 2013

Three Things Thursday: The lies we tell ourselves

1. Last week, I was the recipient of a bag of clothes from a friend of a friend of a friend. Confusing, yes, but to actually explain it would take too long and be even more so. And, really, who cares because it was just a bag of clothes.

Inside, there were some New York & Company shirts appropriate for work, a zebra belt, zebra scarf and a pair of shorts from Charlotte Russe. True to the teeny bopper store's style, they were studded and fashionable and a bit young for this haggard mom of a toddler. I was uncertain I'd keep them upon first view and even more so when I saw they were a size 4.

While I regularly wear a size 4, I regularly wear size 4 pants from stores that I known are notorious for vanity sizing. Old Navy, Banana Repblic, Loft. But a size 4 from a store meant for sticks whose thighs don't touch? There was no way. I am not that skinny. I am not that girl. I don't look in the mirror and see size 4 Charlotte Rusee legs.

I decided to try them on before throwing the shorts into the donate pile. I scrunched my face and got ready for the battle at hand. You know, the tug, suck, tug, squeeze cycle. Lo and behold, they fit. Like pretty well. And while they aren't entirely my style, with a longish T-shirt , they are just fine for a trip to the zoo.

2. People tell me that things will work out. People tell you that everything will be OK the end. But what if it isn't?

I've been listening to podcasts from Jillian Michaels the past few weeks, and the most recent was about bad things. Bad things happen to good people, she says, and we can't spend our lives in this naive bubble of optimism because, inevitably, it will burst. Rather than trying to spew puppies and rainbows and believe in Santa, Jillian advises that we take a realistic approach to our lives and the things that are going on to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

While some might think it's a bit harsh, it brought some much needed clarity to my cloudy mind and resonated with where I'm at in my life. Things might not go my way ... change ... turn for the better and it's only going to be better if I accept that.

3. This time it's going to be different. God, I love to say that and yet it never is. Not usually, at least.

In the beginning of July, I promised myself that I was going to focus more on my core and devote 5 to 10 minutes to strengthening it on non-teaching days. It's a promise that I've made time and time again, and one I've never fulfilled. While I did take some steps to improving the core, starting off strong, I'm pretty sure I only averaged 1.5 core workouts a week.

Boo.Of course, today is the start of a new month ...

What lies do you tell yourself?


  1. Current BIG lie: I'll be ready for a full marathon in September after missing 6 weeks of the start of training.
    Next biggest lie: I'm never drinking like that again (I keep relearning that 5 beers are too many for this lightweight).
    If it makes you feel any better, here's some commiserating: Found out today that the 2 jobs I applied for at the gym won't even be filled... indefinitely. Good thing I like my current position, but damn, I could have used some more $ since we had that damn tree fall on the garage. Meh. life. It happens, and then we move on.

  2. You have inspired me to start running! Actually I am doing my first 5 K tomorrow morning, any pointers for a beginner?

  3. The biggest lie I always told myself was that I will get out and workout each day. It is only this year when I have buckled down and not let excuses get in my way. It is the articles and blogs like this that help each and every day. Winter is the worst thing in the world and I am nervous that once that hits the motivation will expire.
    I will keep reading, which should help me keep going.