Sunday, August 4, 2013

Do the (tomato) vine

Today, it was all about the garden.

 photo null_zpsdcc962a5.jpg

My tomato plants, though they have yet to produce a ripe fruit, have grown out of control. They are heavy with potential sauce and BLTs, causing the tomato cages to collapse under the weight. They were growing horizontally, vertically, diagonally. They were over the bed, onto the neighbor's fence, into each other.

 photo null_zps8101d5a7.jpg

I was fairly certain that I couldn't remedy the situation 100 percent but I figured that it would at least be helpful to contain the plants to the raised bed so that Mark wouldn't have to lift them each time he cut the grass. I got a section of trellis, 2 feet-by-8 feet, and cut it before screwing it onto the sides. I'm deeply bothered that it's not even but that's what you get with a hand saw and a toddler bouncing balls off your head.

 photo null_zps4b80a2c1.jpg

My other beds aren't as lush but have produced a handful of golden pear tomatoes, and I discovered two giant squash.

 photo null_zps27cbb949.jpg

A find that made for quite an excellent dinner - vegetable enchiladas.

 photo null_zpsa7f96124.jpg

While I'd love it if you believe that I planned the meal all along, it was more a last-minute decision brought on by necessity. I was making chicken enchiladas, and I had hoped to make two pans - one for dinner, one to freeze ahead of my HTC trip. The chicken didn't go quite far enough so I made a few veggie enchiladas with zucchini, summer squash and white beans - all seasoned with salt, pepper and cumin. I was quite the fan but I think next time I'll shred the veggies in the food processor to better mimic the texture of the kitchen and make the roll-up process easier.

 photo null_zpsdc99d000.jpg

But the highlight of the evening, I have to admit, was that under all those fragrant, green tomato leaves are a couple fruits getting ready to turn.

Tomato sauce for everyone!

How's the summer garden going? Did you plant one?


  1. Your garden looks beautiful!! I only planted tomatoes this year, as I ran out of time for other plans. I'm disappointed that I didn't get the zucchini going, but there's always next year. My tomatoes are growing like crazy too, and I can't wait until they are ready to harvest!

  2. My husband planted a huge garden and our tomatoes are just ripening now. There are so many of them and we've been eating them all day and night :). Even Lucas likes them! #toddlerwin

    Our zucchinis were ripe the other week and I made some pancakes with them. Lucas loved those also.

  3. Gosh! I should make veggie enchiladas! We have been making them with fake meats in them. The veggies would be a nice addition! :)

    I love hearing about your garden, since we haven't had one for a few years :)

  4. look at all your tomato plants, that's awesome! I don't think our tomatoes or carrots are doing so well... but we're experiencing an explosion of cucumbers at the moment. Before that it was arugula + chard. Maybe I'm just dumb at this gardening thing, but it's weird to me what decides to thrive + what doesn't!