Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekly training update: 7/1-7/7

I wanted a present, I told Mark. I deserved a present, one in the form of the Oiselle striped tank that I've been coveting online and finally saw in person.

After all, it's only fair that I get to celebrate the birth of Miles since I was the one who birthed him. Right? Right!

Of course, I was really just being greedy - at least with the tank. But as we celebrated with cake and ice cream, trips to the park and car wash, I found myself wanting to mark the occasion for me. I had, through the grace of God, managed to not only keep the child alive for 2 years but maintain a slight semblance of myself and a sliver of sanity.

So I threw on my Sole Sister tank, grabbed my Nathan Speed belt filled with nuun and downloaded a podcast to celebrate my anniversary of being a mother runner in the best way I know how - hitting the greenway.

I opted to run 7.35 milex in honor of the time Miles was born, winding slowly around a nearby park before tackling part of the Fort4Fitness course. I listened to Sarah and Dimity talk to Jeff Galloway, sipping Cherry Limeade on the go. I waved to fellow runners and jumped as little bunnies scuttled through the woods.

There was a small part of me that felt like I should ditch the podcast and reflect on my past two years as a mother but this was my celebration. It was my time. And, in making it so, I found myself more present than I have been on a run in a long time.

 photo null_zpsd641b6ba.jpg

The week in training:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4-mile run + Piloxing (taught) + BODYPUMP (taught)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Firecracker 4-miler + 4-mile run
Friday: 45 minutes on indoor bike + 8 minutes abs
Saturday: 5-mile run + BODYPUMP (taught)
Sunday: 7.35-mile run


  1. happy birthday, miles!! i totally agree that moms should get to celebrate on our kids birthdays- it was a big day for us too!

  2. Happy birthday to Miles and happy training to you!

  3. Happy birthday, Miles, and congrats to you on keeping him alive (and happy and healthy!).

  4. What a great way to celebrate Miles' (uh... help me out with apostrophe placement!) birthday!

  5. I love that you got to run on his birthday! Happy birthday, Miles! Happy running, you!