Friday, December 7, 2012

Just do it

It's amazing the difference a few days makes - especially in the Midwest.

On Monday, I was more than excited to run. From the moment I left work to preparing dinner to playing blocks, I was counting the minutes till Miles went to bed and when I could lace up my shoes. I know a lot of it was the novelty of running in shorts and a tank in December but regardless, I couldn't wait to be out there.

Last night, Thursday, I had planned to run. But I was tired. I was cranky (and had been most of the day). Work didn't go well, and I left a smidge later than I preferred because of a last-minute problem. Dinner sat heavy in my stomach, and the idea of lying on the couch seemed so inviting. Instead of counting the minutes until Miles went to bed, I was counting the minutes until I could go to bed.

But at 7:05, just after I was sure Miles was down, I took Denali by the leash and stepped out for what ended up being a soothingly slow run.

So what made me get out? A few things.

Dress the part. While Mark bathed Miles, I slipped into my tights and shirt. Putting on your workout clothes is half the battle, and I knew if I was dressed for a run that I was more likely to go. I mean, how silly would it be to watch "Big Bang Theory" in a sweat-free pair of Pearl Izumi tights and a YMX top? Very, I think. Even worse, I would have felt ridiculously guilty lying on the couch wearing running gear if I had no intentions of running.

Compromise. I am not running on any particular plan and with very loose goals. I try to run four times a week, with midweek runs between 3 and 4 miles and a weekend run of 6 miles. I ran just shy of 4 on Monday and had planned to do the same. Instead, I told myself I could go out for 2 miles. I'm not sure when I last ran "just" 2 miles, and I knew if I got out there that I'd probably stay for at least 3.

Denali. He's a pain, especially when he doesn't get exercise. A few miles would do him some good and help make him more docile the rest of the night.

Running buds. I don't have any pals to run with in my neighborhood but I have lots of virtual friends. Well, maybe not lots but whatever. I checked Daily Mile and saw what everyone else had done that day, what they had battled, and I figured if they did it, so could I.

Updated thanks to a reminder from Kim:
By a strand. It's usually a good idea to shower after a run. Usually. Running would mean that I would need to shower at night and showering at night would mean that I'd have ready-to-be-styled hair in the morning. (Aka - I might not look like a hot mess at work.)

Committed. And I don't mean to an institution though that might provide me with some much needed down time. Anyway, I had made a promise to myself that I would run and I don't break promises - especially the ones I make to myself. I knew I would be disappointed if I didn't just even attempt a run.

So I did. And my mood was 38 times better for it.

What gets you out the door?


  1. -Knowing how crappy I'll feel later if I don't go. (Crappy = low energy/guilty/cranky)
    -Total mileage for the week/month
    -Taking a shower when you're sweaty is so much more satisfying -than a regular one

  2. Signing up for ridiculous challenges. :) I can say with 100% certainty that if I hadn't signed up to run 5k a day in December, I would not have run yesterday. Or probably today.

    I give myself full permission to slack in January (my FAVORITE month to slack, and the last month I logged less than 100 miles) but not til then.

  3. Those are great tips! I do the same thing- get all dressed, so it's harder not to go, and sometimes tell myself I can make it shorter. But you're right, once you're out there, it's likely that you'll keep going.