Monday, November 19, 2012

Dear Santa

It's not even Thanksgiving. Not even. And yet, at dinner on Friday, my mother-in-law requested that I give her - of all things - a Christmas list. A Christmas list!

OK. Let's end the charade. I'm not really aghast - in love is more like it. I have fantastic in-laws who love to give gifts and love even more to give gifts that people really want. While I might be busy planning the perfect cheese tray to take to my aunt's house on Thursday, I decided that I could be just as gracious and find the time to answer her plea.

It's easy for me to just throw out some running gear but this year I'm trying to be a bit more, well,  balanced with my requests.


Yoga mat. When I first tried yoga (thanks, Crunch DVD), I picked up a basic mat at Target. It was nothing special and it did the job. Until I left it on the basement floor for longer than I should of. Given that we do get some water there with a big storm, the yoga mat became soaked and smelly. I tried to rinse it but abandoned the task fairly quickly, deciding it would be easier to just get a new mat. I'm not very snobby when it comes to mats - I'm not hitting up hot vinyasa classes regularly - and like the printed Gaiam mats, the Flower of Life mat in particular.

Even if you already have a mat, a second one is nice to keep in your car for a spontaneous Piloxing class or Pilates session.

Tanks. Winter is near, and everyone is talking about base layers and half-zips. While I'm not against those things - and require them for outdoor runs - my mind is on tanks. Since I began teaching BODYPUMP, my desire for more fashionable tops has skyrocketed.

I am partial to the R-Gear Shades of Gray ($34.99), lululemon Back Burner Tank ($58) and the handful tank ($48). I won a handful tank via the Body Glide Facebook page, and I loved that the padded top meant I didn't have to wear a sports bra. It does run a tad big - I got a small and could have maybe squeezed in an extra small - but found it to be cute and functional.

While it's not a tank, I'd also like a shirt from the another mother runner store.

Stocking stuffers. The moment I saw it I knew I was in love.

The 'Twas the Night Before the Race mug is big enough to wake my butt up after a 5 a.m. alarm and cute enough to keep me motivated to run all winter long.

Other little things that are always good: Asics or Feetures socks (the only ones that my second toe can't poke a whole through), BIC Bands (I have one that has seen better days) and Yurbuds (as I'm taking to listening to podcasts on my lunch runs).

Beauty + Fashion

I am not the most fashion, beauty-centric gal but there's a few things that I'm antsy to put into my drawers.

Boscia B.B. Cream. I first fell in love with this stuff when I got it in a Birchbox, and it's a great moisturizer-makeup product that evens skin tone and offers SPF protection without being a foundation. It's pricey ($38), which is why it's a great gift - something you want but wouldn't buy for yourself.

Aveda Hand Relief. The minute the mercury dips below 50, my hands become dry, red and cracked. The hand relief from Aveda is the only product that offers help without being greasy. Bonus: It now comes in a Rosemary Mint scent.

TOMS. It's quite possible that a pair of TOMS shouldn't be listed under fashion but I got a pair for my birthday and love them. If someone ever tries to take these away, I will kick them in the face. I really like the Grey Pop Cords for winter.

In a similar vain, my boss wore moccasins today and they are uber cute. Pretty sure I'd rock a pair like these all winter.


My husband meant well but for our first Christmas as a married couple, he gave me a blender. A BLENDER. Astounding, I know. Even more so that we are still married. I have matured since then and now welcome kitchen gadgets and accessories as gifts.

Rice cooker. I am trying to eat more brown rice these days, and it's a pain to cook. It takes too long to do it after work and I sometimes forget to do it in the morning. I'd love one that I could set and forget.

Whisk. It's dumb. Really dumb. Except the only whisk I have belongs to my Cuisinart hand blender, and I don't want to fig it up just so I can scramble some eggs. I also know that I can easily buy one but I always forget and/or hate to add that much more to my already high Target bill.

Giant muffin tin. Is an explanation needed? Muffins are great, giant muffins are greater. (P.S. I'd also like to make egg muffins/patties for me to freeze.)

What's on your list this year? Any suggestions for my in-laws?


  1. I've really not thought about what I'd like. I'm kinda in a no gift mood this year. We're planning to replace our disgustingly old carpet with laminate flooring, and also upgrading are home theater computer. That's good enough for me.

  2. Now I want that mug!!!! :) My list includes a new winter coat so I can promptly burn the maternity coat I wore all last winter. Ick, that thing is awful. I also want a new pair of Lululemon groove those things.