Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fist pump

Too legit. Too legit to quit.

Hey, hey!

That there, my friends, is my little certificate that verifies that I am an official BODYPUMP certificate.

After 6+ weeks of waiting and wondering, I received the email on Friday with the results of my video assessment. I was a bit hesitant to open it as I wasn't 100 percent confident in the DVD I sent. The overall process was rushed (partly my fault, partly not), and there was no chance for revision. The single time I was able to review it, I couldn't bear to watch it. I had to speed it up by 1.5, which made it look like a PSA for DARE, and I found myself nit-picking the entire thing.  I felt like my form was lacking on the propulsion lunges, and I didn't engage the class enough. I was sure that if I was seeing those thing than an assessor would see more.

Well, he did. But not enough to ask me to re-submit a video or have my gym manager sign a waiver. I was legit. And ecstatic. I passed. The girl who felt like the weak link at trying. The one who ended the weekend crying and doubting whether I could do it. The girl who it took countless team teachings to nail the tracks. Yeah, that girl had passed. Issues and all.

The notice came with feedback and a game plan, neither of it surprising. The areas I need to work on most are timing and fitness magic. Yeah. I said it. Fitness magic.

Fitness magic is a Les Mills experience, you could say, that occurs when an instructor is able to bring the elements of the program together to create a fun environment for the participants. It's the goal of every instructor to make that happen. However, I was so worried about timing and choreography for taping that I didn't make it an emphasis, even when I had tried so hard in training. The key for me will be letting go of the fear of what people think and just having a good time with it. To quote my assessment, "Take what you do seriously - not yourself."

The news and information couldn't have come at a better time as I'm busy rehearsing Release 83 and preparing for our launch next weekend. Just as a new release invigorates participants, it's energizing to learn new material and I find myself recommitting to the program with each round of biceps - even if they aren't so enthusiastic to get a bit stronger.

As a side note, if you attend BODYPUMP classes, I give you this: 83 rocks! I never received 82 but I love this release far more than 81.


  1. Congratulations!

    P.S. Great job on your 19 miler and no worries about your miss. You'll be just fine. :-)