Thursday, May 3, 2012

Give peas a chance

I'm not going to lie to you: things have been rough this week.




If I could crawl up into a ball and cry under my desk, I think I would. But I can't. You know, because of the trash can, computer tower and oversized tote/purse/lunch bag. Oh, and there's my pride, too.

Thank goodness for friends.

Especially the kind that don't mind if you bite their heads off.

While I had been acquainted with sugar snap peas, we got to really know each other this weekend. I was starving at BodyPump training and in desperate need of some vegetables. I popped into Walmart during our break hoping to find something, anything, green, and I discovered a reasonably priced vegetable snack tray. There were the obligatory baby carrots (boring), broccoli and sugar snap peas. Oh, and ranch. Ranch makes it all better.

Except the peas. They didn't need much of anything.

Me, on the other hand, need much more of ... OK, I can't be clever and say anything because it wouldn't make sense. I just needed more sugar snap peas. I found my way back to Walmart and bought a second snack tray for the second day of training, devouring the sweet, crunchy things on my way back. The second helping, though, did nothing to satiate my new-found lust. I wasn't sure anything could.

And then I found it: a bag of just sugar snap peas in the produce section of our wannabe-super Target. A whole bag of deliciousness. I bought it this morning (along with formula, sippy cups and a Healthy Choice dinner) with more excitement than I've had since ... OK, yesterday (the exception to this week, apparently).

I took that bag, the whole bag, to the office and happily snacked on them as I worked. And looked at grilled cheese sandwiches.

Hate me now. The week can't get much worse.


  1. Girl -
    Prep your hiney for a bad mood fix coming your way soon!!!! ;) Cuz that's what friends are for!!!!

    snap peas - yeah, they're delicious!

  2. aww sending you hugs! Hope the week gets better for you. And I really want some sugar snap peas now haha

  3. Sorry your week has been so bad, but they make you love the good ones and if that doesn't help..... It's Friday!!!

    Go for a run, eat you peas, and listen to your baby boy laugh... You'll feel better! :)