Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ten(tatively) scheduled

It couldn't be right. It just couldn't. My training schedule, you see, said I was supposed to run 10 miles today.

 Ten miles.

Ten miles with eight weeks still to go till the Martian.

Who the hell makes a half-marathon training plan where you run double digit runs so early?




 That would be me.

I'm fairly certain I designed the plan to include as many double-digit runs as possible because I do best at 13.1 with higher mileage. Either that or I'm a masochist.

This morning, I was betting on the latter.

Nonetheless, I got myself all gussied up in Pearl Izumi tights, a C9 Target top and Nike quarter-zip -- I am loyal to no one -- and tried to get my head in the game. I thought of Megan and Lee who had already fit in (and rocked) their long runs for the weekend. I reminded myself that for 6 miles (the first four would be as a family) I would get to be all by myself. And I did some fuzzy math and realized that 10 miles would finally get me the elusive 20-mile week that I haven't seen in forever.

So I went.

The first four miles weren't too bad. Good, actually. And by good, I mean that I ran too fast with Mark and didn't have to push the stroller. It was a bit cold - 25ish - but there was little wind and some sunshine.

After Mark, Miles and Denali left me, I headed down a main road to catch a section of the Rivergreenway that I don't get to go down much. It was so nice to wind through the woods along the river and feel completely alone. To be somewhere that didn't feel so familiar.

I could have ran the back end of the park where I run a lot but opted to turn off at a trailhead and run through some neighborhoods that would be considered, maybe, urban. I just kept an eye on my distance on the MOTOACTV and winded through as necessary to build mileage. The one thing I didn't want to do was have to run past the house and loop around because I knew if I did, there'd be no loop.

(Did you catch that part about the MOTOACTV? Stay tuned for a review.)

I finished up at 10.02 with a 10:02 pace, strangely enough. And then I had a bowl of oatmeal with pecan butter and dried apricots. Definitely a win-win situation.

How did your weekend shape up?


  1. Good job getting it done! That is early in your training plan. My race is in 4 weeks!

  2. Great! I ran today and hope to do 5 miles tomorrow. By the way... are you sad Santa left The Biggest Loser? I was a little disappointed that I won't see him anymore. There are a bunch of crazies on the show this time.

  3. You make it look so easy!! Great job on the tenner! Double digit run = awesome!

  4. Awesome run at a great pace! You will kick butt in April at the Martian Half! I had plans of getting to the double digit runs early in my training plan, but I have had to back off to keep the aches and pains at bay. Hopefully I will be 100% for the Indy Mini!

  5. Great job! Looking forward to the review too!

  6. Woohoo double digits! I did 8 miles yesterday, 10 coming up for me next weekend.

  7. Way too impressive - you're just awesome - that's all there is to it!

    My weekend - two words sum it up - COUGH! and BED!

  8. I am planning on 10k for martian! Also I saw you guys were talking about the biggest loser. Buddy Shuh on there is actually a friend of mine. He was my teacher for 11/12th grade, and we go to a college christian bible study every week at his house. He also married us in september! Fun to know the inside scoop on stuff! :)