Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Losing resolve

Give up Diet Coke.

Lose the last of the baby weight.

Stop using curse words.

Take better care of myself.

Keep "treats" as treats.

There are a million and one things that I could - and maybe should (I'm looking at you, Diet Coke) resolve to do in 2012 but I am not going to. Nope. In fact, the only thing on my mind as we begin 2012 is this: Survive the winter.

Winter is always a tough time to stay active and healthy. The cold and snow make running difficult, and heartier meals are much more appealing when the temperature dips. Factor in that many runs are with an infant and my time isn't my own, and I could be in trouble.

But I have a plan. A plan I think will work to keep me healthy, happy and active this winter.

1. Run less. Sounds a bit contradictory, right? However, I was feeling overwhelmed trying to fit in four runs a week during the fall as I trained for the HUFF and I know it's going to only get worse this winter. I plan to run three times a week, with one treadmill specific workout (i.e. speed or hills).

2. Maintain strength. I'm going to start taking Body Pump on Saturdays, and Mark and Miles will be hanging out with Nana on Wednesday nights so I can workout at home with no interruptions.

3. Focus on races. I am registered for the Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans half-marathon relay, and I am eying a spring half marathon. Knowing that I have a reason - a paid one, mind you - to run is a good motivator.

4. New duds. A new workout top or pair of running tights always gets me out the door. I'm a fan of my Pearl Izumi tights, the Under Armour top (as seen in Woman's Day) and this Craft Crew Neck I just spotted (size small, please). My favorite places to get good deals are Marshall's/TJ Maxx and Target.

5. Soup's on. Soup is one of my favorite meals year-round, even in summer. It's a great way to load up on veggies without feeling like you have to eat a salad. In the winter, I usually make soup once a week. It's warm, filling and makes great leftovers.

6. Hot tea. My office gets a bit cold, and it's very tempting to hit up the hot chocolate machine several times throughout the day. While there's nothing wrong with a hot chocolate, 10 a day is not so good.

How do you plan to survive the winter?


  1. Great job!! I am considering rejoining my gym to help get me though winter. Treadmills, babysitting and free classes make it worth the cost.

  2. I'm actually starting a 10k training plan after being off for about 4 months from an injury and health issue. I have so missed it and I am real excited to get back out there. Don't care if it's street or treadmill. So, I plan on surviving the winter by concentrating on this new plan and maybe even throwing in a few new workout tops sounds great too =)

  3. I'm surviving winter by working out indoors or running early. But for the opposite reason, it's too dang hot here! 89 frickin' degrees at the moment. I should not be sweating while seated in January. I need some snow.

  4. Love all your ideas for surviving the winter! I am going to be surviving the winter by hitting the gym more (nice and toasty warm in there), trying some at home weight workouts and making more at home hot lunches. I love all the celestial seasonings holiday teas...soo tasty but not gonna lie, not as tasty as a hot chocolate :)

  5. I'm sorry that you felt pressure prepping for the HUFF!!!!

    My winter survival - hmm,
    1. I show Mother Nature who's boss! Take THAT 6* windchill!!! Ha! I really do think getting out there to run in the cold is fun and beautiful especially if it's snowing (is that nuts? maybe).

    2. Girls Day/Night Out - having something fun to look forward to helps a LOT!

    3. Races - I'm exactly with you - sign up and have no OUT - gotta do it

    4. Remember that exercising in the cold burns 50% more calories - BAM talk about bang for your buck

    5. Rest - it's okay to rest . . .on the couch . . . with a soft throw. it takes more metabolic energy to exist during winter so it takes more rest (who am I to argue with the facts - ha!).

    6. I also don't have a training plan during the winter - I can't control the conditions so I hate to feel pressed that I have to do a long run of 10 miles when there is 2" of ice. I take the winter off of following a formal plan - truly helps to be able to run how fast, how far, and how often as I want rather than having a piece of paper "screaming" at me to do a certain workout.

    Hang in there girl - you've got this!

  6. Sounds like a very good plan to me!

    I'm taking on my own January Fitness Challenge and seeing how that goes. I'm figuring doing monthly challenges will make it seem more "doable". Plus, switching it up helps fight off boredom.

    Good luck on your plan!

  7. The only thing that gets me off my butt in the winter is knowing I have a race coming up. You've got a great plan for making it through the winter!

  8. Thank God you won't be making good on that resolution to give up Diet Coke. You're one of the few bloggers I read who still kicks back a can of the good stuff without worrying too much about all of the artificial sweeteners. I need you as my aspartame partner in crime.

    But I do agree with you on getting through the winter. We generally have pretty brutal winters here in MI, and it's hard to want to get outside for a run or even head to the gym when there's 10 inches of snow. I plan on utilizing our rec's track for long walks w/ baby, shredding with Jillian Michael's, and maybe braving the cold once in a while for an outdoor run. Good luck to you!

  9. Cola (Coke) is my weakness! I used to be a big diet coke drinker, but it has gotten too sweet for me. I don't think coke is much of an improvement through lol!
    I started working out regularly at a local gym mid-December and have lost 3 pounds so far! I'm so happy that I am doing this. I am on winter break from college, and I think the challenge is going to be how to fit in the exercise once I go back to school. Any ideas? I really want to keep up this momentum!