Friday, April 8, 2011

One love

Workout: Not maiming my husband during the 3.5-hour car ride (hoping for an afternoon walk)


Cincinnati … here we come.

Catch you on the flip side with stories of Grandma, ZZ Top (aka my brother), “Shrek: The Musical,” a sure to be hilly run and good eats.

What are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday: My run edition

Workout: 2.51-mile run; 1-mile roundtrip walk for lunch; and planned post-work walk with my boys

1. There is laziness and then there is laziness. This morning, I’m fairly certain that my attire qualified for the laziness category. I wore an old pair of basketball-type shorts … because I had worn them to bed and didn’t feel like digging for my capris in the two baskets of laundry perched at the end of the bend. It’s the same reason I went with an old Victorias’s Secret cotton shelf-type bra. It worked … sort of. I mean, it was 36 degrees out and my legs were freezing and my chest was a shriveled mess from the lack of wicking but I was clothed and in no danger of being arrested for indecent exposure.

2. Mark and I had discussed plans to run last night, and so I went about my morning per the running routine. I got up, went to the bathroom, ate a trail mix bar and sat at the computer in my PJs (see above). I figured I had a good half-hour before getting dressed. Mark, however, sprung out of bed like a running coach and urged me to go, go, go. We were out the door before I had planned to get dressed. Is anyone else like this? You know, spring out of bed and immediately run? I might have been this summer but the winter put me in a routine that required a small breakfast, coffee and a moderate amount of internet time before running.

3. I was not particularly feeling it on this run. My legs just felt TIGHT. Or frozen. Or both. I was sort of glad that I was only running 2.5 miles today and nothing more. Thankfully, I had Mark and Denali with me who do their best to distract me. Denali tries to “greet” teeny dogs and Mark makes jokes as my slow pace requires him to amuse himself in other ways. For example, he spent a good half-mile joking at his “bum” self as he hadn’t shaved for five days and proceeded to ask for change ala “South Park.”

Too bad laughing only makes me run worse. Hmph.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Fat Day

Workout: 15 minutes on recumbent bike, random setting; and 30 minutes on elliptical, random setting

“That” day - as it’s now referred to in my house – is coming up in 11 days. It’s “that” day where I am supposed to be happy and celebrate life. It’s “that” day when people are supposed to bring me cake and shower me with gifts.

But this year, “that” day will be spent on the greenway, logging a run, and then on the couch where I’ll watch “Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows – Part 1” on Blu-ray in my PJs. No celebration to be had on “that” day.

Unfortunately, some people didn’t get the memo.


Medium Dunkin’ Donuts Vanilla Bean Coolatta: 650 calories


Double steakburger with cheese (no condiments): 440 calories. Fries:330 calories.


TGI Friday’s Brownie Obsession: 960 calories.

Total calories: 2,380

What do you think? Do it all in one day? Hmph. You guys are no fun.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What up, Wilson?

Workout: ~2.75-mile run and quick upper body set

Everyone, I want you to take a moment to stop what you are doing and celebrate. Healthy Strides now has 100 followers! Yay! I want to thank all of you for reading or scrolling past on your reader to blogs you like better. You. Are. Rockstars.

Moving on ...

On Sunday, I ran 2.75-ish miles. Today, I ran 2.75-ish miles. And Thursday, I'll probably run 2.75-ish miles.

See a pattern?

I'm hate to say it, my friends, but the 3-mile runs aren't happening anymore. Nope. It will be 2- milers and 2.5-milers, if I'm lucky. It seems that certain people (ahem, Mark) aren't so cool with the distance. Actually, those people aren't so cool with the running.

Let's look at this morning's post-run conversation (Mark is on spring break).

Mark: I'd sort of like this to be your last run.

Kimberly: I'd sort of like you to be pregnant and gain 20 pounds so I can laugh at you when you eat Frosted Mini Wheats at 3 a.m.

Don't worry - I didn't say that. I am aware that marriage is all about compromise (thanks for the reminder, Grandma) and, you know, he's Mark's baby, too. I think. So I told him I would not run 3 miles and tell him but keep it to 2.something, and he had to go on nightly walks with Denali and me to make up for the mileage. He gets part of what he wants and I get part of what I want.

Don't get me wrong - I know there will be a day when I shouldn't run, when it's not good for me and -----. I just don't think that day is today nor do I think I'll meet it in the next few weeks. We know our bodies best and besides needing a breather halfway through, I feel good. The legs really feel good. My mind feels good. And I'm not ready to give that up yet.

It's been my goal for sometime to go for at least one run in my third trimester. I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow, and the third trimester begins at 28 weeks according to What to Expect - so I've got two weeks. How far I'll go beyond that? Who knows. It's up to my body, baby boy, the doctor and Mark.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend warrior

Workout: 30 minutes on the recumbent bike (“Around the World” hill setting) and 15 minutes on elliptical (intervals)

Can it be the weekend again? Like, right now. I’m serious. I know that it was the weekend just 12 hours ago but I felt like it was go, go, go and I never got to have a weekend.

The recap

Saturday: Wakeup, breakfast, grocery, put away groceries. Then it was out to lunch, to Lowe’s to look at rugs and washer/dryers and to Target for curtains. Once back home, it was time to make the Banana Pudding Trifle and Chicken-Sausage Gumbo for the night’s company. Clean up, straighten hair, finish food. Entertain people and watch a curious Denali meet an 18-month-old. Say goodbye to guests, clean up and go to sleep.

Sunday: Wakeup, breakfast, pack, run 2.75 miles, pack, eat lunch. Then it was out to get new maternity jeans; to Stucky’s to look at washer/dryers; to Sears, where we bought a washer/dryer and snowsuit (80 percent off!) for baby boy; to Zesto for ice cream; visit Once Upon a Child; to Target (yes, again) for laundry and dishwashing soap; to Best Buy to get the Tiger Woods game; and back home. Once home, it was snack, dinner and “127 Hours” then a walk with Denali.

Are you tired yet? Going through it all again makes me want a nap. Thank goodness I have a four-day work week.

What did y’all do this weekend?