Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend warrior

Workout: 30 minutes on the recumbent bike (“Around the World” hill setting) and 15 minutes on elliptical (intervals)

Can it be the weekend again? Like, right now. I’m serious. I know that it was the weekend just 12 hours ago but I felt like it was go, go, go and I never got to have a weekend.

The recap

Saturday: Wakeup, breakfast, grocery, put away groceries. Then it was out to lunch, to Lowe’s to look at rugs and washer/dryers and to Target for curtains. Once back home, it was time to make the Banana Pudding Trifle and Chicken-Sausage Gumbo for the night’s company. Clean up, straighten hair, finish food. Entertain people and watch a curious Denali meet an 18-month-old. Say goodbye to guests, clean up and go to sleep.

Sunday: Wakeup, breakfast, pack, run 2.75 miles, pack, eat lunch. Then it was out to get new maternity jeans; to Stucky’s to look at washer/dryers; to Sears, where we bought a washer/dryer and snowsuit (80 percent off!) for baby boy; to Zesto for ice cream; visit Once Upon a Child; to Target (yes, again) for laundry and dishwashing soap; to Best Buy to get the Tiger Woods game; and back home. Once home, it was snack, dinner and “127 Hours” then a walk with Denali.

Are you tired yet? Going through it all again makes me want a nap. Thank goodness I have a four-day work week.

What did y’all do this weekend?


  1. I ran my 10 miler! Go Me. I want another weekend too. I'm so sleepy today. I should've taken the day off. Sounds like your weekend was productive at least!

  2. I love target. I could totally go there two days in a row.

  3. that's a lot to pack into a weekend, but it sounds like it was the right balance of productivity and fun. and nice job on the workouts!

  4. You were BUSY! I was supposed to be busier than I was, but plans changed due to illness and I ended up in my jammies for half of my weekend. Which makes for the BEST kind of weekend (especially after a 12 mile long run).

  5. Girl - I'm exhausted reading your activities!!! That's a big hectic . . . didn't you know you're suppose to take it easy miss preggo lady!

    Ohh, probably too late, and maybe not helpful, but if you have to buy multiple appliances you should consider talking to the Sears contractor department (within the appliance section) and tell them you need to buy several appliances and you get a pretty significant discount. I bought a w/d and range and got 22% off from the FW Sears. Just a suggestion.

  6. Your weekend sounds about as crazy as mine! Though I went to Nashville and I was sick the entire time, boo to that.