Thursday, December 1, 2011

Viva la Resistance: The recap

Move that body: 1-mile walk with a planned run tonight on the 'mill

Today is Dec. 1.

Exactly one month since Nov. 1.

Nov. 1.

That's when I promised myself - and y'all - that I would complete two strength/resistance training sessions a week.

Yeah, about that.

I am not the ripped girl that I hoped I'd be and I'm not here bragging about doing curls with the 15-pound weights in the garage. However, it was important for me to set the goal and even more important for me to try. I could have done better - maybe - but I did something.

Viva la Resistance: The results

Number of weeks in challenge/number completed: 5/3.5

Number of times I did Jillian Michaels: .5

I started it once but Miles got super fussy. I've found that the best resistance routines are those that are easily interrupted, i.e. weights in front of "Good Morning America."

Number of times I squeezed in a session while watching "The Biggest Loser": 3 - nothing like Dolvett to get you moving.


Favorite workout: A circuit that requires just two pieces of equipment - a set of hand weights and a jump rope. Wait. Make it three pieces of equipment - a set of hand weights, a jump rope and a cell phone. Blast Pandora on your cell phone and set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes. Jump rope for one minute; drop it. Do a lower body move (squats, lunges, dead lifts, side lunges and curtsey lunges) for one minute. Pick up your weights if you didn't use them for the lower body move and work up (bicep curls, shoulder raises, upright row, tricep extension, widegrip curls) for one minute. Repeat 5 times, doing a different lower body and upper body exercise each time around.

How did you do with the challenge?

By the way, you'll get two entries into the giveaway (which includes a Bic Band, iTunes gift card, magazine subscription and Bob Harper DVD) for commenting and three if you completed the challenge. I've been keeping track on a spreadsheet with all who have entered and commented on previous posts. I'll select the winner of the giveaway Sunday night.


  1. love that favorite workout that you did! I'm a huge fan of jump roping, especially with a weighted jump rope. It's deceiving how much it can get your heart pumping to do a circuit workout like that...until you're doing it and it's like, "15 minutes isn't up yet?!" Nice job this past month! (even if you didn't do quite as much as you would have liked)

  2. Just call me slacker of all slackers.. I'm pretty sure I only completed two strength workouts in all of November. December will be better.

  3. I made it all but the last week! 3 weight lifting sessions a week using the New Rules of Lifting for Women program. Then I got sick and couldn't get to the gym, or felt well enough to do weights at home. 3 outta 4 ain't bad! You did awesome!

  4. I was hoping for 2 strength workouts per week, but I only managed 1. Boo. But one is better than none :)

  5. It was a noble try, that's what I keep telling myself!

    I did get the first two weeks done! Unfortunately, last week was a no-go - unless you call logging around a child with the flu while trying to bake a turkey a workout? This week was not any better, I've gotten one yoga and one weights session in - too bad they were only 10 minute sessions.

    Does "it was the thought that counts" translate to workouts?

  6. Somehow, I did it. I made myself sneak in two strength training workouts each week no matter how hard it was. They may not have been the longest, most intense strength workouts in the world, but I managed to somehow incorporate some type twice per week! I hope I can keep up with this :)

  7. I'm proud of your goal and efforts!!!! I certainly couldn't balance ALL that you have in your universe!!! Great job!

  8. I totally sucked it up with the me. I was doing ok until I got a nasty cold that had be completely down and out for 2 weeks.

    Does flying a baby around count? :-)

  9. does carrying emilia around in her carseat/carrier count? if so I did it!! if not, not so much. YOU ROCK!!

  10. still a great job! and thanks for getting the ball rolling for a lot of us. i completed the challenge, but i also felt like you and just wasn't into it. i'm glad it's december ;)

  11. I actually did pretty well. It helped that the weather sucked and I didn't get any runs I did a lot of Jillian. I did at least 2 sessions every week.