Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lucky number seven

Move that body: 2.27-mile run

I always have the best of intentions. Respond to e-mails. Answer questions. Brush my teeth. Respond to blogger awards. And then I get caught up trying to compile the best Christmas wish list ever ... well, you know the rest of the story.

But I'm up for redemption. The effervescent Megan and Kerry both tagged me to write seven random things about myself. So here I am, ready to tell you some things. First, though, a word of warning: Megan did hers in a super-awesome Halloween theme, and Kerry is from England. I am not cool like them. Not even going to try. Instead, I'm going to talk about running. Novel, right? Right!

1. I ran 59 miles in October. Yeah, I'm such a bad ass. ::cue eye rolling:: While it's about half the mileage I ran last October, it is 15 miles more than last month and double what I ran in August. Slowly but surely I'm making progress.

2. I have a race this weekend! It's the W.O.O.F., a trail race with a 5.3-mile loop. You can run one loop, three loops or do it as a three-person relay. Since I'm all about the threesomes, I'm doing it as a relay with bloggy (and real-life) bud L and her partner C. Our team name? Victorious Secret.

3. OK, this one isn't related to running but it is related to No. 2. One of the Google search terms used to find my blog has been "are threesomes fun." I know there's a joke there but I like to keep things classy over here. I am a mom after all. Other searches that led to Healthy Strides: figging, sweat bands in movies, rubs my feet and Kara Goucher.

Unrelated note: I really want to see "Happy Feet Two." Can I use Miles as an excuse to go?
4. As I've mentioned before, I have big plans for next year in terms of racing. I have a racecation planned with my BFF in March, the Flying Pig half-marathon in May, my favorite 5K in July, top secret plans for Fort-4-Fitness in September and the Columbus marathon in October. I might have to sell autographed photos of Miles to pay for it all but dangit, I'll make it work.

5. Even though I plan to do the Columbus marathon, I am absolutely terrified of the distance. Well, not so much the distance but balancing the training with motherhood. 

6. Running post-pregnancy has been much harder than I thought it would be. I knew I'd lack speed or endurance during the comeback but it seems I lack both. Every distance, every run seems like a challenge - even after 10 weeks of consistent running. The only thing that gets me through is comparing 2011 me to 2009 me. At this time in 2009, I had just finished C25K and was building a base for the 2010 Flying Pig half. As long as I'm beating my 2009 self, pace wise, I'll be OK because I know I went from running 13-minute miles to 8:30 miles. Do it once, do it again is my motto. (I wonder what kind of hits that will get me ;))

Unrelated note: There is a giant St. Bernard on "Good Morning America." He is so cute and I want to steal him but I'm fairly certain he weighs more than me. And Denali. Combined.

7. As difficult as running post-pregnancy has been, I don't miss running during pregnancy. I don't miss going the bathroom 573 times before leaving the house. I don't miss wearing cotton shirts because it was the only thing that fit over my belly. I don't miss not being able to see my shoes to tell whether they were untied. And I certainly don't miss Miles backing that @ss up into my rib cage/lungs, making it hard to breathe.

What's your unrelated note of the day? Anyone want to dog share a St. Bernard?


  1. Oh please tell me you're coming to DC in March for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon!!! :)

  2. Such a fun list - can't wait for the WOOF.

  3. Loved your list, especially #7. All of those things are so true about pregnant running. It's highly uncomfortable, and having to pee every 3 minutes doesn't help the situation one bit. However, I applaud every one of your 59 post-pregnancy October miles! That's a fantastic number! You give me hope for the future :)

  4. Loved the list!!! People find my blog by searching "fat girl eating cookie"..umm, I think threesomes are more fun that that! :) I am so excited to hear all about your race schedule. Running while pregnant stinks, I was just telling my husband the other day that I am so frustrated going so slow and get tired so quickly. I miss those 8 minute miles.

  5. that is a great list! running is a perfect theme ;) i am also finding it really hard to run post- baby. but i keep telling myself that something is better than nothing, and that i'll get there (the latter may be a lie, but it works ;))

    btw i started the strength routine challenge--thanks for setting that up! great idea