Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekly weigh in: Slowly but surely?

Irritated. Frustrated. Pissed, even.

That's how I felt when I saw the number on the scale at Weight Watchers this morning. 138.4. I lost a whopping four-tenths of a pound. And while I'm the first person to tell someone that a loss is a loss, a move in the right direction, I was unhappy. I had been expecting better as I lost nothing last week and saw 136 on my bathroom scale on Tuesday.

I know this is how it goes, though. You have a couple good weeks and then a couple less than stellar weeks. You just kind of have to stay vigilant and ride it out. You definitely don't want to wallow. Or get the gun out of the safe.

If I'm feeling particularly desperate, I'll take a look - a good look - at the good ole tracker and see what's up. Am I underestimating the Points Plus values of food? Overestimating? Am I using my points for filler foods or filling foods?

What do you do when your weight loss slows?

The week in numbers

Weight this week: 138.4 pounds
Weight last week: 138.8 pounds
Weight loss this week: 0.4 pound
Total post-partum weight loss: 6.8 pounds

What's working

I've started tracking poor food choices in red pen so that they pop out from the good stuff. Instances when I write in red: when I eat foods lacking nutritional value; when I choose something despite a better choice being available; and when I eat just to eat.

What's not working

I think I need to get in a few more walks. I've done well with getting in three runs a week, and I've added in Jillian Michaels' "Ripped in 30." However, I haven't been doing much else. Cardio = calories burned. Calories burned = weight loss. Mark and I have discussed carving out an hour of me time for each of us each day, and I hope that focus will get me out of the door.

Note: I understand that me complaining that I weigh 138.4 (and not 122) might irritate some people. After all, at 5-foot-3, 138 is a healthy weight. However, 138 is not my happy weight and living a healthy lifestyle will always be a work in progress for me. I think it is important that those losing weight choose a goal that is not only attainable but for them and them alone. I do not believe that one weight fits all and only seek to encourage people to carve out their own happiness through a healthy lifestyle, regardless of a number. 


  1. I love your tracker idea of writing fun or not ideal choices in red ink so that it pops when you look back through your week. I might have to try that.

    From reading your post, it's clear that you know what you're doing when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight with WW as well as getting back down to your goal weight.

    Keep on keeping on :)

  2. When my weight loss slows = I cry. No, not really... you have to keep doing what you said... keep on plodding along.

    I like the tracking in red pen (though, I track in pencil, because I mostly write the stuff down the night before and I like to be able to erase)... Maybe I can find a red colored pencil.

    And at the risk of you throwing something at me... a loss is a loss. *giggles* I know your pain though. We shall trudge through this together!

  3. Have I told you lately that I wish we lived close and could go through this battle together?

    A loss is a loss but it's so frustrating when it's not what you want or expect it to be. You'll get there!

    P.S. Love the tracking in red. I really should start tracking more religiously.

  4. I totally understand. I just posted my weight loss today and confessed that I do sheat days on my weigh in day. It has worked for me for the last couple of weeks, because then I can say I don't need to eat that today, but I'll keep it in mind for my cheat day. It has really helped me stay on track. I also have started measuring how many fruits and veggies I eat. I know a lot of them are zero, but it makes me want to eat unlimited amounts which isn't good calorie wise either. One day i figured out I ate 530 calories in peaches alone!!! Anyway, as you know, stick with it and it will come off! You're doing great!

  5. I would suggest the small calorie burners on top of your scheduled workouts. Become more conscious of parking further away, taking the stairs and when you are at home standing/walking as much as you can. Or even doing small exercises and stretches while watching TV. Basically get off your butt as much as possible!

  6. First, I want to just say congrats on the loss, even if it is little. You are doing a great job with tracking and working out. I like the idea of tracking the "bad" in red. I wonder if that would benefit me... I do most(all) of my tracking on MyFitnessPal though.
    Anyway, keep up the great work! It pays off (says the girl who only wishes she'd see a loss!). :)

  7. I have been a reader for the past few months and just want to say (first ... congratulations!) try not to worry about getting back to your pre-preg wait too fast. I remember being SO frustrated when my body didn't respond to diet and exercise (or breastfeeding) after giving birth and I felt like I would never get back to my old clothes and figure ... I promise you ... it will come off! I am a firm believer that our bodies will adjust in their own time. My sister-in-law and I (both healthy eaters and regular exercisers) found the same thing. I think it took 5 or so months, but I promise ... it will happen!

    Good luck :)

  8. I LOVE the writing in red idea - GREAT suggestion!!! It's a battle, a journey, and it's frustrating and rewarding - hang tough my friend. You've done it so you know you have it in you to kick some calorie butt! Hang in there!!! p.s. LOVE the cartoon!

  9. I hate when weight loss slows down for a week, it's soooo frustrating!!!! You are going to get to your goal weight in no time :) That cartoon made me crack up!

  10. I think you are doing great and have been very impressed with how quick you are getting back into shape. I hear ya on how frustrating weight loss can be. I have a goal of losing 30lbs in 30 weeks by the time I turn 30 and while I know there will be highs and lows I know that I will get there!

    Keep it up!

  11. you are doing a LOT better than me and we had our babies a week apart! Seriously. You are doing a great job, don't get too down on yourself. easier said than done I know. I've had such a hard time getting back in to running because I'm so discouraged about starting at square one again. That and a few other reasons :)