Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time of day

Move that body: 5-mile run

I used to believe that the only time of day to run was the morning.


If I wasn’t out the door by 7:30 on a weekday or 9 on the weekends, a run wasn’t going to happen. Period. Maybe, in the afternoon, I might get in a walk but that would only be because I was feeling bad about myself for not exercising.

Things have had to change since Miles’ arrival if I wanted to continue running. In fact, I’m not sure I have ran in the morning since I went back to work. Last week, I ran at 8:30 after he went to bed and at 6 p.m. because I postponed dinner.

And, today, I ran at 4:15 after a long day of shopping for a dress for my brother’s wedding. (Side note: Finding something that is nice and provides easy access to the girls isn’t as easy as one would think.)

It took a bit of getting used to, running late in the day, but there’s a few things that help.

Get in my belly. News alert: Fro yo is the new carb loading. Ha! This afternoon, I had a late lunch and a fro-yo cone at 3 p.m. It was just enough food to keep me going but not so much that I wanted to hurl. When I run later, my dinner has time to settle and when I run right after work, I have a small snack to keep me from eating myself.

Setting the mood. I feel bad when I don’t run in the morning. Not in the “skipping one run will make me gain 100 pounds” but “I feel like a total not nice lady.” And while I don’t proclaim that I’m actually nice, I do prefer to stay married for the time being.


Denali. You’ve heard it before but he motivates me to get out - usually by being the most annoying dog on the planet. Sometimes I run just to wear his @ss out. (Crap. I’m supposed to stop cursing as of today so Miles doesn’t get kicked out of kindergarten. I do it to exert some energy.)

Me time. With Mark in a boot (sprained ankle), I have the luxury of leaving Miles at home. Going out for a run might be the only time I have to myself during the day so I can think about important things – like why am I having wedding nightmares when it’s my brother getting married and my nuptials were nearly 3 years ago.


Bad jeans. I have three pairs of jeans. All of them not in a size I currently wear. They don’t fit over my thighs. And I would rather dump a million dollars buying cute hates for Miles on etsy and not new jeans. 


Fall for it. Hello, lovely weather. The change in seasons makes it nearly impossible not to lace up and get out of the house.

What gets you out the door?

By the way, did you see I ran 5 miles today? It’s the farthest I’ve ran in, like, forever. Or since my second trimester. I really had to work for that last mile but I should be good for Saturday’s Fort-4-Fitness.


  1. What a LOVELY post!!!! It's packed FULL of wonderful information. Like for starters - YOU RAN 5 miles!!!! WTG GIRL!!! That's awesome! Soooo proud of you. And welcome to afternoon/evening running - I welcome you to the club!!!! You'll find us a nice group of folks! Ha!
    So excited for you to do the F4F - can't wait to read your recap and hear all about it. Know that even though I'm not WITH you that I'm WITH you and would like to let you borrow the sign Mr. Miles made for me in Chicago - RUN LIKE THE WIND . . . (not that you'll need the gentle breeze part - he made that just for me :O) he knows his auntie Wells! :)
    Fall weather - YES, hello! I run on roads and paths that will soon look like the photo above - NICE!
    I think it is hilarious that you are cutting out cursing starting right now SO that Miles won't get kicked out of Kindergarten in like 5 years . . . way to plan ahead girl!:)
    Sorry to hear your hubs is still suffering with his ankle - dang - please ask him for me (and do so sarcastically) "What did you learn?"
    Here's to a week of taper and race prep - thinking of you and wishing you worlds of luck!!!!! Be ready to yell out your 4 mile time when you see me on Saturday . . . and I seriously seriously seriously HOPE you'll SEE me! I want to know how you do!

  2. I am a weirdo and prefer night runs. It's the convenient time for me to get out since I am home with kiddos all day!

  3. WOOOHOOOO 5 mles!!! You are so ready for your 4 mile race :). I run at any time of the day as well when I was working. I never have been able to run in the morning because I left for work before 6am! I have been an afternoon/evening runner always. I am motivated to get out the door by not wanting to be a cranky woman for my husband and not wanting to gain 50 lbs overnight. Ever since I"ve lost weight, I always have nightmares that I am suddenly that weight again. Totally crazy, I know.

  4. Awesome job on running 5 miles!

    P.S. I've totally been looking on Esty for hats for Ella too. haha.

  5. I am a morning runner by nature, but I enjoy the occasional early evening run. I might run at night if I had a running partner, but I haven't gotten over my fear of running in the dark yet!

  6. I'm so impressed that you're getting out there and putting in the miles with a newborn at home! congrats on the 5 miles and making it work.

  7. 5 miles! Nice work! I haven't run that far since my positive test :)

    I love running at odd times; it's sometimes hard to get up and do it, but it's always so peculiarly satisfying too! I used to run at some weird times due to work, and would sometimes run in the evenings (late-ish) provided I was in a safe neighbourhood.