Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday: Spice it up

I’m not sure how I did it but following yesterday’s workout session with Jackie Warner, my left glute hurts. Only my left glute.

What does that mean?

I either have a really strong right butt cheek or my lack of fitness resulted in lack of form. I’m hoping it’s a strong right cheek but you and I both know that’s not the likely culprit.

But onto more important things …

WIAWbutton1 Midnight snack



Egg white and center cut bacon sandwich with fake cheese

Mid-morning snack

P1010025 P1010026

Strawberries and a half-banana and 1/4 cup mixed nuts



Tuna melt on light wheat, kale chips and leftover roasted potatoes

Afternoon snacks

P1010028 P1010029

Apple with almond butter and carrots with hummus



Indian spice-marinated chicken (so good!) with brown jasmine rice and roasted vegetables

Evening eats

P1010031 P1010032

Homemade hot chocolate made with soy milk, cup of cherries (unpictured) and a whole loaf of bread. Well, not a whole loaf of bread. More like a slice of toast with reduced sugar jam.

What’s your fave meal of late?


  1. I had been eating homemade guacamole with pita chips but I ate so much I'm all guac-ed out now :(

  2. I love pb with apples too! I having been craving lots of spaghetti and meatballs lately. So good

  3. You pain in the butt isn't piriformis is it? Shortly before rolling in the grass during one of my runs I mentioned on my blog that my one butt hurt and the bloggers came to the rescue with the piriformis diagnosis - and yep, that's what "C" has and I had. Just page Dr. Google for more info.

    I recognize that hummus - YUM. I have 2 containers in my fridge right now with a bag o' baby carrots! Yes!

    You'll have to check out my auto post for this Friday and you can see my fav meal of late :) Spoiler alert - Buff Chix Tacos :)

    I think one of the most awesome things I learn from your Wednesday posts (that isn't new info but is a huge kick in the butt reminder) - it's about planning (from grocery shopping to packing snacks and prepping meals) . . . healthy meals and snacks just don't happen - it takes some planning and prep but doesn't have to be hard or complicated :)

    Love your new Wednesday series!

    Hope you're well!!!!

  4. Love the new WIAW series. I may need to start up with that after I deliver, too! You have some great food ideas (that chicken looks amazing!)

    My favorite meals lately have been ones that I know I can make quickly as I prepare to welcome our little one later on. Earlier this week I made turkey meatloaf, but spooned the meat into cupcake tins so they'd bake faster; plus, I had cute little portions to dole out!

  5. I'm totally jealous of your eats. It all looks delicious!