Friday, July 22, 2011

Showin’ the love

This one is for you, L!

Right now, life is super exciting. It’s a cycle of go to the bathroom, pick up Miles, feed Miles, drink water while feeding Miles, burp Miles, change Miles, feed Miles some more, pray Miles goes to sleep.

Yeah, this whole baby thing is much harder than I thought it would be. Thankfully, there are some things getting me through. Here’s what I’m loving lately.


Vitamin Water Zero. I have to drink an insane amount of water to stay hydrated since I’m nursing and let me tell you, there’s only so much water you can drink. Vitamin Water Zero, which is sweetened with Truvia (for the win!), gives me some semblance of flavor without any caffeine.


Kashi Pita Crisps. Because Kashi loves me Kashi was promoting its new pita crisps to people on their mailing list, I received a box of the new product in the mail. They are quite tasty, especially with my new favorite hummus: Private Selection Garlic and Chive (found at Kroger). Note: I love the hummus so much that I bought it today and it was NOT on sale. Put those two things on a plate with some baby carrots and a half-sandwich, and you have my lunch most days.

Walking. I haven’t been out the past two days but I did log a walk Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Wednesday’s jaunt coming in at close to 2 miles. Sadly, I had some twinges in my incision and I probably reached my limit, distance-wise, for the next week or so. A bonus to walks: Miles sleeps in the stroller.

Compliments. They seem to be just pouring in – people telling me how great I look for being a new mom. It’s much appreciated as I’m a whole lot jigglier than I’d like to be and have about 20 pounds to take off to get to pre-preggo weight. I’m planning to head back to Weight Watchers next week and focus on good eating until I can take on a good exercise regimen (fingers corssed that I can do it at 6 weeks post-partum).


A sleeping baby. We had a rough day or so over here but things are looking up. Or quiet, at least. And yes, that’s a wash cloth on Miles’ head. Even with central air – a new system at that – this heat has us down. I took Grandma’s suggestion and put a cool cloth on his head. Note: I’m sure he’ll hate me for this photo in about 12 years.

What are you loving lately? Any new products or workouts you want to share?


  1. Yay for some Friday Love - I've seriously missed Friday Love!!!! Glad you are staying hydrated. I've never tried Vit water, but I always think the colors are awesome!!! I've had that garlic & chive hummus on everything - my new afternoon snack fav . . . on a toasted bagel thin!
    Thinking of you and hoping you are heeling and enjoying being a mommy! "C" and I think of you often and are wishing you all the joy and happiness (and recovery)!!

  2. I love vitamin water zero. I ususally have a few in my fridge for when I am tired of plain old water too!

    I seriously can't get over how flippin' adorable Miles is!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm going to have to try vitamin water zero.

    And you can totally post pictures of Miles every day :)

  4. Haha. No, he won't hate you for that, he will hate you for the nudie pics of him! LOL.

    I still can't believe you have a baby. It is all so crazy and "unknown" to me. Wow.

    I had no idea the breastfeeding required so much water.

  5. The pictures of Miles are so adorable! I can't wait to be able to do the same in January!

  6. Agreed with Holly - Nudie pictures of his tiny hinie might lead to some future prom date embarrassment - ha! I'm sorry I missed the pictures of lil' Miles the first time I read this post - boo to me!!! He's soooo stinkin' cute!!!!! OMG i love the wash cloth on his head! It's ad-or-able!!!!! Seriously!
    I vote you be patient with the weight - girl, you had a baby growing inside of your for 9 months. It'll all come off and you'll be back to the body you have grown to love!!! And yes, you do look AWESOME. 2 miles - really, who does that so soon after a c-section? Really? Who - only crazy ol' you!!! Take care of yourself - like your g-ma says!!!

  7. I completely agree with Ashley, flippin' adorable!!!

  8. Miles is such a cutie! Great pic of him with the washcloth on his head.

    i was insnaring thirsty the first month or so of breastfeeding. Now it seems to be in check. I mostly drank water, but like your idea of throwing something fun into the mix.

    I think you're doing great, with baby care and taking care of yourself.