Thursday, July 14, 2011

One week

At 6:30 a.m. last Thursday, I forgot about the treadmill and my the 8:45 doctor’s appointment, leashed up Denali and headed out for a walk. A 3.5-mile walk on a beautiful morning that left me feeling accomplished and rejuvenated.

And it was all because of a comment from Lauren.

“In the beginning you'll be doing so much sitting; breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, cuddling le bebe that you'll wish you could just get out anytime you want. So I’d leave the sitting for post pregnancy and walk, or hike or get out as much as possible.”

I had no idea just how right she would be.


The Story of Miles’ Birth

Thursday was just another day and another weekly check-up with the OB/GYN. Go in, get weighed, get the blood pressure taken, get measured.

Just one thing: I had a different doctor (mine was on vacation) and she said I was measuring small. Small enough to alarm her.

I was immediately sent to have an ultrasound, where it was determined that Miles was definitely small – his estimated weight at 4 pounds, 15 ounces. The doctor was concerned that he wasn’t growing properly and felt that at that point in the pregnancy, he would do better outside than in. I would have to be induced. That day.

The plan for the induction was to give me a medication called Cervadil to soften things up over a 12-hour period at which point I would be given Pitocin to start contractions. If all went right, I’d have a baby Friday morning.

Right from the get go, though, it was obvious things wouldn’t go according to plan. The Cervadil was delayed because of a small blip on the fetal monitor. When it was inserted, there was another blip – Miles’ heart rate dropped – and it was taken out until the doctor decided what course to take next. And during that “thinking period” Miles’ heart rate dropped two other times when I got up to go the bathroom.

Three strikes and you’re out.

The doctor on call determined that Miles was already stressed just hanging out (more than likely from sitting on the cord) and labor would put him in greater stress. While he was able to bounce back like a champ during the previous episodes, she feared it wouldn’t be so easy in delivery. The best option would be a C-section.

I can’t tell you how scary it all was – from the army of nurses rushing into the room every time his heart rate dropped, the oxygen mask strapped to my face, the fear that I had done something to hurt him. I didn’t want to have a C-section but it wasn’t about me.

Two hours later, he was born. I really don’t remember it all – the doctor held him up for a only brief – just the sigh of relief when I heard him wail and then when they said he weighed in at 5 pounds, 14 ounces.

My boy was OK.

Ten toes. Ten fingers. Two balls. A head of red hair. And the healthiest pair of lungs in the whole wide world.


P.S. Mom and babe are doing OK post C-section. Not being able to walk down the block is killing me and hanging out on the couch watching “The Kennedys” mini-series is about to make me crazy. That, and near constant feedings with Miles. It seems he inherited his mother’s appetite.

P.P.S. While I’m not commenting, I’m enjoying everyone’s blogs. Mostly at 3 a.m., as I read on my phone when I’m breast feeding ;)


  1. Scary story, but I'm glad everything worked out for you and baby Miles! Enjoy your time with him :)

  2. Oh wow, Kimberly! I'm so glad everything has worked out well. He's here and he's healthy and he's beautiful! I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to see more pictures of him. Hope your recovery goes well!

  3. Oh my gosh Kimberly, I'm so glad everything turned out ok!!!

    BTW, I am loving those plaid shorts on that beautiful baby boy!!!

    Also, take it easy and try to soak up every minute of it!!!

  4. Oh my congrats! Glad you guys are ok! Miles is precious and I am up feeding every morning at 3 as well!

  5. I too had an emergency c-section when they induced me and I wouldn't progress past an 8. My birth plan was to go natural all the way so i was disappointed when it came to the c-section. But like you said it wasn't about me.
    You look amazing post-baby. Take it easy and listen to your body. C-sections are hard to recover from and you'll think you can do a ton after about 2 weeks, but REFRAIN! Especially don't vacuum! I tried to cook dinner about a week and a 1/2 after and it took everything out of me.
    Love those precious moments in the early hours of the morning with the babe they don't last forever and believe it or not, you will miss them later on!

  6. Love hearing an update from you!!!

    Sounds all so very exciting and new. The whole C-Section sounds terrifying but glad you and Miles made it out well.

    I agree with Carrie you look great!

  7. OMG I could just squeeze him - he's a cutie patootie for sure!!! Ohhh, what a story indeed. I'm glad that you and Miles are doing well. I'm sure the recovery is frustrating, but what a great opportunity to spend a little more time with the little man. Love that you captured his announcement on the billboard - awesome!!!! Keep healing and know that "C" and I are thinking of you and sending our speedy wishes for recovery!

  8. i am so happy that you both are doing well. You don't even look like you just gave birth.
    I had a similar experience with the induction and c-section. I firmly believe that all the exercise I did leading up to it made my recovery so much easier. But Carrie's so right, take it easy, enjoy the time you have with your newborn, it's fleeting. You'll be running again in no time.

  9. Thanks for the update Kim! Glad everything is going well. I too am up at 3am reading blogs on my phone.

  10. "Wells L" gave me your blog address in our half marathon class. I have been a quiet lurker for a few weeks, but wanted to say congratulations! Miles is adorable!

  11. I'm so glad it worked out. I hope your recovery is swift and that you're able to get up off that couch as soon as possible. Miles is adorable! And he's got a great mama!

  12. I'm so glad things went well and you and Miles are ok. You look great and he is just adorable! I love how they posted his birth on the billboard, that's awesome.

  13. Such a tiny guy!! Mine was too, but they grow so fast. Enjoy those early days, even if you are sitting around feeding your baby and recovering - two very important things. You'll be back to your active self soon enough. Take care and congrats again!!

  14. I'm so glad that everything ended up okay! Your baby boy is oh so handsome!!! Congrats!

  15. Wow! I can only imagine how scary it was for that period of time :-/ I'm glad everything went well though...and he looks so TINY! BTW you're already looking great :) Congrats again!

  16. Congratulations!!

    I'm so happy for your family that everything turned out OK.

    Such a scary story but with a miracle ending!

    awwww and baby Miles is so precious!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS, girl!! Wow what a crazy journey! So glad he's ok and everything turned out all right!! :0)

  18. Been tryint to post for a while, but my login was bunk for some reason. I absolutely know the scary feeling of him going bradycardic and feeling like you've somehow done something wrong. Glad you and Miles are doing OK now. Looking forward to exchanging boy stories!

  19. What an experience! I'm glad that you and Miles are happy and healthy!

  20. I'm so glad that you and baby are ok! I ended up needing a c-section too last November, so I know what you mean about not being able to do much for a bit. Man, what would breastfeeding moms do without internet on phones nowadays??? That's ALL I do. :)