Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Move that body: 3.31-mile run (three walk breaks totaling 0.25 mile)

1. I got real sassy today. I ran my new route backwards. Yep. Sure did. I think running a route backward might be one of my favorite ways to shake up a run. It's simple but you really do see things from a different perspective, the landmarks are different and the hills are different. I added a bit to the route, too, which was nice. Well, except for the hill I added but whatev.

2. I wore the same outfit from Tuesday on my run mostly because it sort of fits and the shorts are supposed to hug my legs as opposed to the Tempos, which do but shouldn't. I'm hitting up ladies night at the running store this weekend and I'm hoping to score a good discount on a slightly bigger pair of running shorts. I figure they can get me through the next 8.5 weeks and post-partum. Plus, a bigger pair of shorts never hurt anyone. Except my XL basketball lookin' shorts that I'm pretty sure Mark threw out in the move.

3. Mark came home last night and to make sure he never leaves me again to welcome him home, I thought I'd make a nice summer meal - pizza. Yes, pizza is totally summer. It is - if you put veggies on it.

The goods: Boboli whole-wheat crust, Philly Cooking Creme savory garlic flavor (instead of sauce), sliced tomatoes, sliced zucchini, red onion and a smidge of cheese.

This pizza was easy, quick and tasty. Really tasty. Now some of you might snub your nose at the processed cooking creme but it was a nice sub for sauce and uber flavorful. Plus, I had a coupon.

Do you ever try a new product just because you have a coupon? I am such a sucker for a good deal.

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  1. How funny, I'm actually trying that exact same Creme sauce tonight! I'm following the recipe that comes in the container and I can't wait!

    I never thought about using it on a pizza, though - but I have used the fresh cream on a spinach pizza before.

    Now I'm rambling and want some creme, stat :)