Sunday, May 29, 2011

Take me out to the …

Move that body: Imminent walk with Denali and Mark

Anywhere it’s not raining! It seriously will not stop here in northeast Indiana. It’s like we live in the jungle without the benefit of tribal men running around in loin cloths.

Not that I’m letting it damper our holiday weekend.

So far we’ve had breakfast with Mark’s parents, were treated to pedicures, did some shopping (woot for diapers!) and worked around the house.

And made a trip to the minor league baseball stadium.


I scored the creme de la creme seats from work and invited some of Mark’s friends to join us.


Somehow, I also included the rain.

P1000779 P1000780

We tried to wait it out a bit in the hopes that the rain delay would be just that … a delay.


But it wasn’t. So we hoofed it back to the car, which walking back up to the deck and then four flights of stairs at the parking garage.


I swear, steps are the bane of my pregnant existence. Sure, I can still run but ask me to climb a flight of steps and I need a cool rag and a nap.

Not ready to end the night, Mark’s friends stopped for pizza and top pick up cards.


I dropped off Mark so he could get Denali wrangled before his friends and went out for something special.


Nothing like a 33-week pregnant lady with a six-pack of Blue Moon. Don’t worry – I didn’t have any though Mark did catch me joining in on some of the fun.


After four days where Cocoa-Coconut Oatmeal was the most decadent thing I had eaten, Little Caesar’s tasted delightful.

Sorry, Denali – I’m not sharin’.


What’s in store for the rest of your weekend?

We were going to run this morning but my late night (I went to bed at the shocking hour of 11:30) combined with a headache had me lookin’ for something a little more chill. Plus, I’m going to use the excuse that I need to save my hammys for an afternoon of backyard gardening with my mother-in-law.


  1. Well told - I smiled the entire time reading it. You crack me up. I read your comment on my blog and then laughed aloud when I saw Mark's wearing his wicking shirt to the baseball game :) Cute! Glad the rain didn't make a full on bust to your fun evening!!!!

  2. Cute story - and cute belly! Love it. xoxo

  3. Love that you have a minor league team close! Yay for Baseball games! Sorry about the rain and the incredible amount of stairs you had to climb! Have a great rest of your weekend! :0)

  4. LOVE minor league baseball games. Too bad yours was rained out! Years ago, the first time I went to our local team's opening game - it was in early April but the weather was awful for SC, about 50 degrees and drizzly. They still played though! We, err, drank enough beer to make the cold something we could stand. haha