Monday, May 30, 2011

Paper heart

I lied to you yesterday.

I did. And I’m sorry.

Except I’m not.

After blogging, I decided that I really didn’t want to walk Denali.

I wanted to run.

Actually, I think I wanted to wear my new moisture-wicking capris from Old Navy and decided that a run was the only way to test ’em out.


Aren’t they cute?

I picked them up on Saturday with my Crowdtap coupon and was pleasantly surprised that my “swollen” thighs and 33.5-week belly fit – or sort of fit – into the size small. “They stretch now, fit later” is my new saying. I picked them for more than fit, though  - they are compression, cute (love the stripe) and moisture-wicking.

Sunday’s run put the moisture wicking to the test as it was nearly 70 degrees by the time we headed out.

No worries, though, I made sure to hydrate.


Yep, I sure did bust out the Nathan handheld. Mark said it was like old times. Yeah, except instead of gels in the zipper pouch I put a plastic bag to pick up poo.

The run, all 2.57 miles of it, was OK. Not great but not horrible. I’m noticing that I get stitches a lot more often and that I need to sometimes walk a bit longer than I’d like – walk breaks totaled 0.5 mile yesterday :(

Thankfully, the capris held up better than me. I’m not sure how to compare them – my others are C9 from Target – but they were comfy and cool and didn’t stink this morning after air drying on one of three towel bars in the half-bath downstairs.

And speaking of the half-bath …


I was warned by a very smart and lovely lady that picking at wallpaper was addicting and you shouldn’t do it.

Why don’t I listen?

It began with just a tiny spot to see how easily it would pull off and kind of grew when I had to pee six times before work the other day. Thank goodness Mark wasn’t mad but he sure did it make it clear that I was going to be responsible for finishing through.

Hello, Memorial Day project.


  1. you look so freaking cute :)

    (I am also a picker - I'd have done the same thing)

  2. They are cute capris indeed. I can't believe a size small fits you - you're amazing! Tell your doc that and then tell your doc to shove it!!! Nah! Happy wall paper peeling, girl!

  3. Love the capris! Very cute!! :0) Too funny about your bathroom!!

  4. I have picked off more wall paper in this house than anyone should have to ever pick. Good luck.

  5. Too too cute!

    I've heard that soaking the paper with fabric softener makes the removal a lot faster. Never tried it myself, though. Good luck :)

  6. Cute capris! I pick the wallpaper too when I want a room to get redo.