Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let the good times roll

Move that body: 2.1-mile run (one walk break of 0.1 mile)

Note: It’s in your best interest to read the whole post.

I’ve got good news … my iPod seems to be back in action. No more pausing!

Since my post on Friday, my nano has behaved through a full trip to the grocery, lots of errand running on Saturday and some “me” time today. I think I went a good hour, hour and a half today and had no issues. I think it just dried out.

But a BIG thanks to everyone who offered condolences and tips. They were greatly appreciated :)

Now, I have some good news for you. OK, who I am kidding. It’s good news for me, too.

Last night, I hit up ladies night at the running company with these lovely ladies:


“L” and Holly – and many, many other fabulous gals.

We shopped, talked, laughed. Seriously, one of the best times I’ve had recently. I also tried on some adidas shorts that, despite their fabulousness, do not work for this 31.5 weeks pregnant lady. Same with the Brooks running skirt. But watch out, 3RRC, in 12 weeks or so, I’m coming for you!

Don’t worry – I didn’t walk out empty handed. I scored a free bra and pair of socks from the Asics rep.

Didn’t know Asics made bras? Yeah, me either. But they do. And I have to say, I was quite happy with the one I got during this morning’s run. I was given the Asics Cross Back bra (size medium), which features “two layers of lightweight support fabric in front, with encapsulation cups and a stay put chest band.” There’s also adjustable straps.

My thoughts:

*It’s cute. Cute enough to wear if you run in just a bra (but we all know I only do that on the treadmill in the basement).

*It really does breathe. I’ve been wearing a C9 bra from Target and a Tek Gear bra from Kohl’s. Both are just a single layer. No matter the conditions or distance of the run, my bra is soaked when I’m finished and (TMI WARNING) has led to some painful, umm, headlight situations since I got knocked up. It’s all I can do not to rip it off in the front yard when I’m finished with my run. In the Asics bra, the bra didn’t feel wet. In fact, I felt comfortable enough in it, dampness-wise, to leave it on while I made a veggie egg white omelet. I’m sure my neighbors loved that. And, as far as the pain, no problems. A good thing, too, given that the girls have gone back to first trimester soreness.

*Sort of on the breathability – it didn’t smell afterward. I hung up the bra on the towel bar (one I installed in the new house, I might add), and Mark has yet to inform me that it stinks and insist on throwing it in the wash.

*It doesn’t chafe. And I’m sort of shocked. It has a tag – a real tag – and I thought it would bother me. Alas, I didn’t notice it.

*It didn’t feel tight around my rip cage and didn’t leave any marks but, at the same time, felt snug.

Full disclosure: This review was just my initial thoughts after one run (my third this week! Do I sense a late preggo comeback?), and I was in no way bribed compensated by Asics to do this. Seriously, everyone at Ladies Night got a free bra. I was just pleased with the product.

Now here’s the part where it pays off to read the whole post. The lovely Asics rep was kind enough to give me not one but TWO bras to giveaway on this here blog.

cross back bra max mesh bra

I have one Cross Back Bra (left and the one I tried), which retails for $40. I have it in a size Large, which is recommended for ladies who wear a 38B/38C. For sizing reference, I tried it in a medium and was a 34B pre-pregnancy and have been wearing my pre-weight loss 36C bras lately.

On the right, we have the Max Mesh Bra, which retails for $45. I have it in a size Medium, which is recommended for the gals who wear a 36B/36C.

Mandatory entry:

*Be a follower or read me via Google Reader. Leave me a comment that you do so, along with which bra you would like.

Additional entries:

*Visit the Asics site and tell me which product you would most like to try out. Leave me a comment telling me what it is.

*Visit the Asics site and leave a comment for Mark me with which product you think I should try after I birth baby boy.

*Post a link to this giveaway on your blog, FB page, Twitter feed, etc. and leave me a comment for each telling me that you did so.

I will pick two winners via – one for each bra – Saturday night and post the winner Sunday morning. If the second selection chose the same bra as the first winner, I will continue to randomize until I get a winner for each bra.


  1. How fun! Too bad you didn't find any shorts. I would have to pick the medium, the large would probably be too big.

  2. Free stuff, how cool is that!

    Is it too late??? If not, then I'd be awesome to try the white one in a medium.

  3. I am a follower. Love your blog even more now, seeing as though I'm also knocked up and am about 25.5 weeks along.

  4. I would love to try the Max Mesh Bra because of the size and breathability.

  5. I think a reflective Tee would be a good shirt post baby boy. Safety First.

  6. I posted to my fb running page at run4may

  7. Posted to twitter at run4may

  8. I forgot to put which bra - the medium for me please!

    And I'd want to try Asic's knee tights!

  9. Post-baby you should try one of the Ayami shirts - they're cute!

  10. I follow and would want the medium.

  11. I would want to try AYAMi™ Windpant.

  12. You should try the AYAMi™ Windpant too. B/c they look so comfy for post baby.

  13. I am a follower!
    I would like the large-

  14. I follow you on google reader

    I'd like the medium sized bra, pretty please! :-)

  15. I went to the Asics site and I would have to say I would get the capri running tights. I have long running tights and I like them, but I only have looser capris and I am not as much of a fan!

  16. I follow you! And I'd love to try the Cross Back bra- I think it would be nice and supportive, since I'm "blessed" with a large chest.

  17. Oh, and from the Asics website, I'd love to try the Inner Muscle tight! They seem like they would be awesome for long runs. Thanks for the giveaway!!!