Saturday, May 14, 2011

I tried it

Move that body: 2.5-mile walk with my boys

I was tired. I was hungry. And I still had to make it through a “quick” trip to Walmart.

A pregnant woman’s nightmare, I tell you.

I tried hinting to Mark that we should get a hot pretzel at the Subway inside the store but Mark is sort of oblivious to those sorts of things. Unless you say, “Mark, buy me a hot pretzel,” he’ll go along his merry way, eying Swiffers and four-packs of Guinness.

SesameGingerShrimpI might have been up a cranky creek without a paddle but I lucked out: It was sample day at  Walmart. You should have seen me attack exuberantly approach the nice older gentleman manning the Starkist station. He probably thought I hadn’t eaten in days the way I took the souffle cup of the Starkist Sensations Sesame Ginger Shrimp off the table.

Too bad (for me) – it tasted like doody, and I threw it away immediately.

Good (for me) – around the corner was another older person. A woman, this time, and she was serving up Johnsonville Brat Patties on a sandwich thin. Now that’s what I’m talking about! I shared the bite with Mark and felt much better. Not only had I found an interesting new product but I no longer felt like making Mark walk home for not getting me a pretzel.The only thing that would have made it better was some mustard … and a beer.

In honor of my Walmart buffet new product tasting, I thought I’d share with you some new (to me, at least) things I’ve eaten recently.

Nestle_SkinnyCowCandy cottage cheese

cin thinronzoni-garden-delight 

We have Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp (PB flavor), Breakstones Cottage Cheese Doubles (pineapple), Thomas Bagel Thins (cinnamon raisin) and Ronzoni Garden Delight rotini.

All of them get a BIG thumbs up for me but I’m particularly in love with the Skinny Cow crisp – it really is heavenly – and the cottage cheese double. Both would be great snacks to pack in a lunch for work.

Have you tried a new food lately?

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  1. Bagel thins are new to you? Really? Girl, you gotta get out more often. I have them almost everyday with everything - they are my bread, my buns (no more sandwich thins for me). I have made pizzas with them and garlic bread - they're pretty awesome for just about all your bread needs - nom nom nom.

    I was given one of the skinny cow crisps on Wednesday - holy cow it was awesome - not healthy, but awesome nonetheless!!!! Doesn't it seem weird skinny cow makes something other than ice cream?

    Last night I tried the BEST thing EVER!!!! It was Otria® Salsa Cilantro Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip. Here is the link for more info (p.s. they are BOGO at Kroger this week). Pita chips, veggies, etc - yum!