Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday: Food Week edition

There was "Top Chef" this morning. And there was an over-medium egg on grits this morning. And there was some cleaning. But there was no workout and definitely no run. We were a blustery 7 degrees here and, uncertain what walks were clear, I wasn't about to brave the streets. I'll save my workout for tonight's yoga class.

But anyways ... I have been reading some blogs, and something I've noticed lately is that people are looking for ways to bump up fruit and veggie intake. I might not be the Queen of the Garden but I do always get in my 5 to 9 servings.

So here are a few tips for you:

1. Incorporate fruits and veggies into breakfast. If I'm making oatmeal, I always add a sliced banana to the pot for texture. Boom one serving there. Add some peaches as a topper, like my parfait, and you got two already. If you are not really an oaty person, try egg whites. I will saute add spinach, mushrooms and green peppers to egg whites for a sandwich or fill an egg white omelet with them. When in season, I like to serve sliced tomatoes as a side to eggs. Hate tomatoes? Try 1 cup pumpkin puree with Truvia, pumpkin pie spice and a splash of almond milk, topped with some granola for crunch, to supplement your eggs.

2. No, you don't have to eat a salad. Veggie-hummus wraps are one of my favorite lunches ever. You can throw in whatever you have on hand into a tortilla with some roasted red pepper hummus, and you'll get a good two servings there. Serve it with veggie soup and you got a serve. Looking for something different? Try topping a baked potato with sauteed spinach, tomato, mushrooms and mozzarella for a Florentine style or sauteed green peppers, onions, mushrooms and provolone for a Philly style.

3. Snack, snack, snack. My afternoon snacks - which are many - are often plant based. A cup of grapes, which is 2 servings, or cut vegetables with salsa. At night, make yourself some kale chips or have a dessert of pineapple with coconut cream. And, along that note, don't let yourself have a treat unless you've eaten your fruits and veggies!

What are your tips for getting in the good stuff?


  1. Those are great tips, and personally - they are exactly what I used to do when I was skinny! Totally ate a whole wheat pita with red pepper humus and shredded broccoli slaw with just a teeny tiny amount of fat free italian salad dressing drizzled in the pita. Thanks for the reminder of what I used to do that obviously worked. Love your breakfast ideas too. Breakfast is definitely the hardest. AND most importantly, (your comment on my blog) reminded me of the value of soup - I love soup. So . . .today at work, instead of going out to Quiznos which I love to do - I ate a healthy choice simply light chicken tortilla soup. I LOVE your help! Thanks!

  2. I don't have many tips besides drinking V8 juice. I def need to check out the kale. Never had it before.