Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lucky 13

I am now 13 weeks pregnant and, depending on which book you read, in my second trimester. (The other books say the second trimester begins at 14 weeks. I don't like those books.)

My little sea monkey, she’s the size of a peach. (I only say she in a wishful thinking sort of way.) Last week, she was a plum and before that a green olive.

It’s a bit weird referring to the sea monkey’s size in terms of fruit. Why not balls – and not those balls, you dirty people. She’s the size of a Ping Pong ball or a tennis ball or a Bocce ball. But, oh no, we refer to it as fruit.

green-olive summer-plum summer-peaches


Probably, because as a pregnant lady, all you think about is how much you either hate food or how much you want food.

Lucky for me … I guess … it’s been about how much I want food. I don’t want anything in particular, if you’re curious. No pickles and ice cream for me although I did get an odd hankering for jalapeno poppers one night. It went unfulfilled, though. I though I'd save Mark from midnight runs till I can't see my toes. My issue has been non-stop hunger and when things taste good, they taste GOOD. Two breakfasts and sometimes a morning snack each day. The other day, I ate every bit on my plate at the Thai place only to come home and eat a PB&J.

As far as too good foods, there’s popcorn-peanut butter M&M combo Mark subjected me to at the movies and the 10 million Nilla Wafers I ate on Monday ... and 10 million more on Tuesday. Thank goodness some of the other things tasting good include pineapple, cantaloupe (which I hated before) and cucumbers.

Pregnant or not, what foods do you crave?


  1. I'm 30 weeks pregnant, and I've never had really, really weird cravings, but one week I had the most intense craving for hushpuppies covered in Texas Pete hot sauce. I've never really had a sweet tooth, but occasionally I would crave dessert, and a tiny piece of Dove dark chocolate would do the trick. I've just continued eating my usual foods, the same amount and everything. I found out 3 weeks ago that I have gestational diabetes, so the strict diet I'm on really keeps me in check. I can't wait to hear how your pregnancy goes!

  2. You're making me want to be pregnant. lmao I crave peanut butter... and oddly enough, butternut squash (or sweet potatoes). And nope, no bun in this oven.

  3. I occasionally read a blog where the woman is pregnant and every week she stands profile holding the piece of fruit that compares to the size of her fetus. Pretty spectacular to think your "she" went from a green olive to a peach in just 2 weeks. I'm sooo excited for you.

  4. Holy cow! I did not know they grew that fast!

  5. how wonderful for you! congrats!