Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Pre-workout breakfast: PB&J
Workout: 20-minute OnDemand selection (toning), 15-minutes upper body while watching "Top Chef: All Stars" and 2.2-mile walk with Denali

1. I've decided that I'm not going to do my Jackie Warner DVD until I get 3-pound weights. I feel like such a wimp that I can't handle some of the moves with my 5-pounders but when you're doing a move for a minute, they can get heavy. Especially when some of the upper body moves are actually done two minutes in a row if you have to switch legs on a lunge.

2. Yesterday, I wrote about some winter must-haves but I missed an item: Shoes. My Nike Triax, which barely have 300 miles on 'em, have an actual hole in the toe box of my right shoe. I've noticed that my shoes "thin" there but never a hole. It's either Nike or the way I run, and I never blame myself for anything. I do know that it makes for some cold toes on a run.

3. I'm in serious negotiations with myself (and the checkbook). You see, I want a stationary bike. In my house. For me to ride. Maybe while watching "Biggest Loser," which would be far superior to the current routine of "let's eat ice cream and watch people exercise" that Mark and I have going on. The hang up is that people always buy pieces of equipment and fail to use them. I don't want to drop some cash on a piece of cross-training equipment if it will later serve as a coat rack. Yet, I want another option if - gasp! - I ever choose/need to reduce mileage or go from 4 days running to 3.

Do you have exercise machines? And, more importantly, do you use them?


  1. We got a stationary bike at a garage sale last year for $3. It was a great idea at the time, but when we got it home, it was so old and very loud we couldn't even HEAR the tv while riding in the same room. It is now in our basement.

  2. I once bought a treadmill back in my army days when I was running on treadmills everyday at the gym (though it would be great) - nope, hated it. Didn't use it very much. Think I learned my lesson? Nope, bought a super expensive gym quality elliptical machine from Kohlinger - BARELY used it. I even set up the room where it was located optimally (tv, fridge with cold water, work out towels at the ready) - NOPE! Hated it!
    My friend LOVES her trainer (it's an indoor stand for her outdoor bike). Swears by it. Just an idea.

  3. We have a treadmill that gets used by us in the winter months , due to the fact that we are wimps and don't run in the cold and our gym opens @ 6 and closes @ 8 lol. Our 13 year old has also started to use it.

  4. Maybe Craig's List or garage sales?