Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Pre-workout fuel: Banana and half-cup half-caff coffee
Workout: Rode 10.22 miles in 52 minutes, 53 seconds; average speed, 11.6. Followed up bike ride with short walk with Denali.

1. I had every intention of writing this post this afternoon when I came home for my lunch break. Upon walking in the house, though, I found that we had no water. What the frack! I went to call the landlord to see what was up but I left my phone at work. Double frack! I got the dog out and headed back to the office to start making calls. As it turns out, there was road work in the area and the construction company turned off the water. Thanks for the notice, buds.

2. Today was my first solo ride in a really long time. Mark had professional development ahead of the start of school week and wasn't able to go. It was a fairly good ride though I nearly wiped out twice. Apparently, I can't "site see" and steer straight at the same time.

3. One of the key factors in my weight loss has been planning. I know when I'm going to eat, where I'm going to eat and what I'm going to eat. Whether it's deciding on a week's menu before going to the store or checking out a restaurant online before walking through the doors, I do the best to stay in control of what I'm putting into my body. This weekend, though, is going to pose a challenge. We're going to a wedding tomorrow (yep, a Friday afternoon). And, to top it off, we have to travel a couple hours away. That means I'll have a lunch on the road, with the restaurant selected by my in-laws. I'll have a cocktail hour to navigate, and I'm sure I'll be starving by the time hors d'ouerves are passed at 5:30. Dinner? I have no idea what's being served and when I'll get to eat. Then there's the temptation of booze and cake. While I know it's OK for the occasional indulgence, I don't like feeling out of control because out of control equals weight gain to me. But as much as there is unknown, I do know once thing: I'll be burning those calories on the dance floor. Holla!


  1. You can survive it! I'll be struggling through a tough weekend myself, and I too loke to keep control of what I put into my body. We can do this! Dance the night away and have a couple bites of cake, that's all you really need to satisfy that "want" right?!?!

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself. Enjoy the weekend and if you have a bit too much start over the next day.

  3. ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! The run like heck the next day :) Good luck! Know you can do it!
    Also, Wanted to say thanks for inspiration! I am running my first 5K the day after my 26th birthday, in two months.