Sunday, August 22, 2010

I did

The weekend is over, and I have one thing to say: I survived. Actually, I did more than survive but the melodramatic girl in me likes to make things sound worse than they are/were.

So Friday ... the traveling, the wedding - those things I was worried about - actually turned out OK. I showed up to my in-law's house armed with my luggage, my copy of "Eat Pray Love," a serving of baby carrots, a 100-calorie pack of almonds and a mini larabar. I was ready to go.

We left about 11:30 to make our way toward Indianapolis, knowing we would stop on the way for lunch. This was Worry No. 1. My father-in-law is a notorious Whopper lover, and I feared we would stop at Burger King, where I'm less than familiar with the menu. No, no, no. Burger King was not the restaurant of choice. About an hour into the drive (and a bag of baby carrots later), the decision was made to go to Subway. I opted for a 6-inch turkey on wheat and packed it with veggies. Cheese and light mayo were musts, though I did get a smidge of mayo and tried the spicy mustard. YUM! I also had a yogurt on the side. (I wanted apples but they were frozen).

We were off again but just for a short bit. My mother-in-law wanted Starbucks. And really, who can say no to Starbucks?!?

I opted for a decaf non-fat latte and some dried apricots. I figured the apricots would be a good way to get in some fruit as I couldn't have my apples at Subway and I wasn't sure what the wedding had in store.

The latte was yum. The apricots? Meh. They weren't very sweet, and I like apricots - or any fruit, for that matter - to be sweet. I ate them anyway, and they kept me full until we got to the cocktail hour at the reception.

The cocktail hour was Worry No. 2. At so many receptions nowadays, there's all kinds of wontons and spring rolls and fried goodness. It could have been icky. For this wedding, the hors d'ouerves were pretty simple - toasted bread, bruschetta topping, cheese and crackers. I tried a bit of everything and found it all to be delightful. I drank plenty of water while we sat on the terrace, forgoing the open bar. I was saving my alcoholic beverage for the reception.

Yep, that's a cosmopolitan in my hands. A tasty, albeit weak, one. I grabbed it after a dinner of spinach salad, spinach and mushroom stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. Dinner was Worry No. 3. It was fairly healthful, very tasty and totally nothing to worry about.

As for dancing the night away to make up for my (lack of) indiscretions? Yeah, I did that. Even if the cake was such a tiny sliver that I could have sat out most of the night. A girl's gotta have fun!

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