Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In a tight spot

Ran 7.2 miles at 9:33 pace
Pre-run fuel: French toast coffee and mini Larabar (Key lime)

I was not feeling this run today. Actually, I was feeling it - in my hamstrings and in my right big toe. The hamstrings, mainly my right, have been tight since the Flying Pig half-marathon. I don't think I strained them; I think I need to do some lunges and good stretching. As far as the big toe, I'm fairly certain that I stubbed it a few days ago. It hurts like a mother just relaxing while I watch TV so you can imagine how it feels during a 7-mile run.

Nevertheless, I trekked ahead and let the mind games ensue. Slow up to this telephone pole and then you have to pick it up. Speed up to this crosswalk and you'll get a rest while it reads "Don't Walk." After a while, though, I just wanted to go. The slower I went, the more I could feel the tightness. And stopping at crosswalks? Well, it just got difficult to start back up.

I did some quality stretching when I got home, making sure to give the hammies some attention. I'm hoping to look up more stretches and do some more tonight.

Given how mediocre I felt, I was glad to see a 9:33 pace on the Garmin when I plugged it in post-stretching.

What do you do to get through a bad run?

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