Friday, February 5, 2016

8 Things That Make Me Happy

What makes you happy?

That was the topic of the hour on the morning show that I listen to during the morning hustle (home à school/drop off Miles à daycare à Y/work/run). The hosts were referencing a survey of tens of thousands of Britons who downloaded a questionnaire and rated what made the most happy – and what made them the most miserable.

Best things in life: Having sex, going to the theater, going to the library or a museum, playing sport, gardening, singing, chatting and birdwatching.

Worst things: Being sick in bed, working or studying, carrying for an adult, waiting in line, doing admin and finances, attending a meeting, commuting and housework and/or DIY.

Birdwatching is the eighth best thing in life. Really? The only way birdwatching would make me happy is that it would be so boring that I would fall asleep in the grass and sleep is the best thing ever.

Yes, on my list, sleeping through the night would be No. 1. I mean actual sleeping, too – not that bull about the s-e-x. Sad but true.

My other favorite things:

• I’m stealing this from the radio host – sort of. To me, there’s nothing more satisfying than scoring a major deal at the store. 

For example, I found my new favorite running shirt for $4 on the Target clearance rack. With coupons and rewards, I got a pair of Athleta Chatarunga tights, Athleta Chi Tank and two Old Navy shirts for Miles for $6 out of pocket. And, folks, the Chi tank is so buttery soft that I could die in it … from boredom while I watched birds.

• Hot coffee in a cute coffee mug. I’m currently drinking decaf Starbucks Sumatra out of a reindeer mug that I got at, you guessed it, Target. On clearance. For 50 cents. I might need to refresh for Valentine’s day.

• Playing sport, aka running. A good, solid workout does more for me than any drugs would.

• Doing nice things for people. Sadly, I think many people move throughout the world without another expressing genuine kindness toward them. It makes me feel good when I can change that.

• Making my boys laugh. It’s easy with Miles – all I have to do is a read a book the “funny” way, which involves replacing random words with potty ones. Si is harder but when he does giggle, boy is it cute.

• Eating out for breakfast on the weekends.

• Working hard toward and accomplishing a goal. 

What makes you happy?


  1. I like your list. Also time with friends (including Dave), freshly bathed kids, getting my hair played with, and sleeeeeep.

  2. I like your list. Also time with friends (including Dave), freshly bathed kids, getting my hair played with, and sleeeeeep.

  3. Aww! I bet making the boys laugh brings the hugest smile to your face!

    I love your list!

    The other day when my mom and I went through the SB drivethru for chais I paid for the coffee in the car behind me, because it makes me feel good, like you said, to do nice things for other people. And they don't have to be monetary, either.

    Sleep also makes me VERY happy. And organizing things. And running. And unpacking. AND HAVING THE HOUSE TO MYSELF <--- I bet you'll like that one ;)