Thursday, January 21, 2016

Up, up and away

It was almost with excitement that I stepped on the scale this week.

Since I began taking better care with what I have been eating this month, I saw marked losses on the scale. A pound there, two pounds there and then another two pounds. While I was cognizant of two things – a) some of it was water and b) it wouldn't continue at that rate – I was hopeful that I'd see steady movement in the right direction.

And so on Tuesday morning, at 4:30, I put one foot on and then another. I looked at the display and stepped off. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and stepped on again. 

I was up. The number was  2.5 pounds heavier than the previous weigh-in, one in which I took great pride as I was in a healthy weight range and at my pre-Silas number.

It would have been tempting to throw a tantrum but, let's be honest – I was operating sans coffee at that point. I didn't have energy for that shit. And, whatever fight I could muster, I needed to save for my interval workout on the treadmill.

 photo broken scale_zpscwsjsw6w.jpg

But after that cup of coffee and that interval run on the treadmill (rocked it), I wasn't in the mood to pitch a fit over my weight.


I gave it rational thought. I have been tracking my food religiously, and I know that I have not eaten the 8,750 calories that it would take to gain 2.5 pounds.True, I indulged in Buckeye Dip at a birthday party for my friend's twins but I skipped the cake and ice cream and filled up on veggies.

I looked at the calendar. Days before Christmas, I received a lovely gift – my first cycle in 18 months. The cycle was preceeded with a random day of nausea and ridiculous moodiness. Last week, I had an angry stomach. The weekend saw some ridiculous outbursts by yours truly. Couple those and the right week of the calendar and, you guessed it, I was likely experience the lady bloat.

I weighed the odds. In my experience, it's far more likely to have a false gain than a false loss. There any number of factors that can lead to bloat (see above) and a higher weight where as it would only be severe hydration that could contribute to a lower weight. As I hop on the scale about the same time of day, it's unlikely that I am any more dehydrated one day to the next.

I focused on the big picture. Even if I had gained 2.5 pounds, I am still down 5 pounds and 5 pounds is 5 pounds. In two weeks, I'll take it.;The goal is to build speed by losing weight not to set a PR in weight loss. Patience and health are the keys.


  1. I am right there with you. False loss? Can't say I've ever experienced one.
    Wait. Buckeye dip??

    1. Yes. Buckeye dip - peanut butter, cream cheese, chocolate chips. It's the devil, basically, especially if you put it on a salty pretzel.

  2. Yes, tell me more about this buckeye dip.


  3. what was the interval workout???

    1. It was 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 (in minutes) with 2 minutes recovery in between. I did it twice because I wanted to a) run farther and b) hate cool downs. I ran it at my goal 5K pace for the summer and didn't fall off so it was a bonus.