Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Fun

Do you want to hear something amazing? And by amazing, I mean sort of surprising and really not that big of a deal.

OK. I understand. But I'll tell you anyway.

I did not run a race last weekend and I don't have one on the calendar this weekend either. (Disclosure: I did briefly consider running a local points race that benefits Riley Children's Hospital but decided that the money would be most needed next week at the Bourbon Chase.)

So how does one spend her time when I'm not running all the miles?

 photo 12088463_10153021710911290_304159816243967589_n_zpscil3vnyy.jpg
Check out those ProCompression socks!

Well, running all the miles wither her friends. Duh.

Two of my good running pals are training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, which is the first weekend in November. When they registered, I had hoped that I'd be in shape enough to do some of their long runs with them. I knew that I wouldn't be doing 20-milers with them (nor would I want to) but I've been happy that I've been able to log double digits with them.

Last weekend, I did 12 13 seriously windy miles (we detoured for real bathrooms) with them as part of their 20-miler and I'll join them for all of their run this weekend as it's a cutback.

Don't worry - I've done other things, too.

 photo 20151004_180738_zpslrxm1bfz.jpg

I mourned the end of summer with one last trip to the ice cream stand. Sunday was the last day of operation, and it's a tradition for us to visit the last weekend with my in-laws. I've been mostly sugar free for the better part of six weeks, so it was quite the treat. I went with a banana split because bananas are fruit, ice cream is dairy and pecans are protein. Thus, banana split = health food. Duh.

 photo 20151004_133840_zps6dawsbzg.jpg

We also took the boys apple picking for the second year in a row. I can say both boys, right? I was pregnant with Si when Miles and I went last year.

 photo 20151004_134634_zpsxdeib1db.jpg

Miles absolutely loves going. The trees are dwarf size, and he is able to pick apples easily. I was less than enthused when I saw it was just Ida Reds and Red Delicious available but it didn't phase M. He picked about a quarter bushel, which we will turn into pie for my father-in-law and applesauce for my Bug. After all, he's six months on Saturday and can officially have real food.

Note: We've introduced a few things over the past two weeks because I was tired of eating dinner topless. 

 photo 20151004_141505_zpsd3xuvahp.jpg

There was also some cider because, well, it's fresh cider. And fresh cider goes really well with bourbon. And I need to start doing some other training for the Bourbon Chase.

Just kidding.


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  1. Looks like fun! I love fall activities. We're building a scarecrow tomorrow with Thing 2's girl scout troop. I followed your lead and got heath bar frozen custard last night. Our place stays open until Thanksgiving.