Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weekly Training Update {7/27/15 - 8/2/15}

It's official. I'm training. With a legit plan. OK. I take the legit part back. It's a mish-mash plan that I made myself to get ready for the Bourbon Chase.

The goal of said plan is to increase my mileage so that I can run 15 miles over 30 hours without hurting myself or repeat a litany of curse words as I tackle the crazy hills. Solid goals, I think.

The basics: One long run; one workout, alternating between hills and intervals; one easy run with strides; one plain-old easy run.

Basics plus: It's a half marathon plan that I modified to fit my base fitness. It's also race specific in that every third long run will be a double, with the mileage split between a longer morning run and a 3-miler in the afternoon.

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I had my first workout on Tuesday – 4 x 400s – or four rounds of quarter-mile hauling butt and a quarter-mile slogging. I haven't figured out how (or if) laps work on the Soleus but my miles with the repeats were post-baby fast, and I went under 9 minutes for the first time.

Another first for the week? Hitting 20 miles. #toolegittoquit #heyhey

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The week, in training:

Monday, July 27
X-TRAIN | Boot camp {taught}
Time: 45 minutes

Tuesday, July 28
RUN | 5.05 miles, intervals
Time: 48:08 Pace: 9:31

X-TRAIN | Boot camp {taught}
Time: 50 minutes

Wednesday, July 29
X-TRAIN | Piloxing {taught}
Time: 45 minutes

Thursday, July 30
RUN | 5.05 miles
Time: 48:39 Pace: 9:37

X-TRAIN | Boxing fusion {taught}
Time: 60 minutes

Friday, July 31

Saturday, August 1
RUN | New Haven 10K
Time: 59:40 Pace: 9:34

Sunday, August 2
RUN | 4.5 miles
Time: 46:53 Pace: 10:25

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