Friday, July 3, 2015

Lately {Life + Running}

I've discovered the secret to the perfect selfie: Become so stressed, in life and work, that you lose all common sense. You pull out your camera and take the only 3 minutes you can spare to amuse yourself by staring in it. Trust me, it works.

 photo IMG_20150702_131911_zps5wiidxge.jpg

Life. Work. It has been all about the hustle lately. It has been all about making people happy and making sure they have what they need. It has been about checking things off the list before 10 more items are added. It has been about keeping my shit together. T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R.

I'm still running, though. Thankfully. In fact, I'm sitting on the couch freshly pumped and de-pooed waiting to meet the girls for a celebration 5-miler. Celebration for having the day off, making it through the week and a day without rain.

It will be my second time running 5 miles post-partum, though I'm hoping to make the distance my weekday standard. I've been doing about two 3-milers and one at 4+ miles during the week. The weekend is dependent, right now, on the girls.

There's no plan to this – at least right now. The Bourbon Chase is almost 3 months out, and my first leg will be 7 miles. I'm giving them a slowball 10K pace but I want to go out there and contribute to the team. I want to rock it. I saw a 10K plan in Women's Health, paging through the magazine on a road trip, and it piqued my interest. It has two different interval workouts each week, as well as a long run that maxes out at 8. I have a few friends training for fall marathons so if I can get in shape, I might wing the long runs depending on their plans. (Our group tends to break up the long long runs so those who aren't going for 26.2 aren't alienated and those who are always have company.)

So ... we'll see.

But now what you all care about: the winner of the Summer Essentials giveaway. Congratulations to Allison D., who visited NAAWK on Facebook. I will be emailing you after my run.


  1. Sounds like life is crazy! I've heard having a second kid is harder than people think! ;) I am sure you are keeping it together better than you think!

  2. sorry but "freshly pumped and depooed"??!? I nearly died! I'm still choking on my water.