Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dear Runner's World {August issues}

I've changed since becoming a mother. There's the obvious things: sleeping less, jiggling more, all the crying.

And there's the obvious things. Just ask my running friends or the people in the front row of my group ex classes.

I've gone from a girl who bought a size small sports bra, not caring about support, to someone strapping on a 34D in the hopes that the girls will stay put. So it was with great interest that I read the "Real Bra-Vado" story in your most recent issue. (Ironically, I turned the page to this story as I was pumping. No joke.)

 photo aa854e28-7fde-4438-a028-06774a43be78_zpsn2mqyfnd.jpg

The image associated with the headline and intro featured three women who were chosen, more than likely, based on a directive to be diverse. The image was striking in its beauty and determination. At first, I was impressed to see a plus-size model. Well done, RW. First there was the story about being "fat and fit" (your words, not mine) and now a shapely girl modeling a sports bra.

Except she wasn't wearing a sports bra. It was a tank. It covered her belly, came down to her hips. The other girls ... well, they didn't have shirts on and the bras hit at the heart line. Flat bellies for days!

Still, I tried not to be annoyed. I didn't want to get all hormonal and ragey while I was trying to enjoy my 15 minutes of solitude.

I quickly flipped past the A/B page (no use getting excited about things that will not be useful for the next few months) and waffled on the C/D selections. I'm definitely a D, even after a good feeding.

My blonde beauty, as I've now claimed her, was with the D/DD picks for best bra. She was modeling a style that confounded me – a ladder back sports bra. I can't even get on my Moving Comfort Fiona without hooking it in the front and scooting it around before pulling up the straps. There's no way that I'd manage to get a bra with multiple elastic straps across the back over my head, down my shoulders and flat on my back. Nope. Not going to happen.

 photo 95922bf3-9dbc-43b3-b3f1-e9f947aebcd5_zps43q257ze.jpg

But the style is not my issue. I am agitated that this model, the one I called a blonde beauty, is never shown face-on with a sports bra. She's covered up in a tank or shown from behind. Sure, maybe people don't want to see that. I certainly don't want to see myself in just my Juno right now (so sorry so honest) but if you were going to act that way, why not find a big busted lady who has a smaller wasist.

Wait. WAIT! I almost forgot. The other models were runners and my girl ... well, she does a walk/"jog." JOG. JOG! As much as we preach that no matter the pace we are all runners, you called her a jogger.

For future reference, your copy desk might want to think a little more critically next time.

All the best,


  1. I missed the "jog" - ridiculous. I find most of their gear and clothing picks to be outrageously prices and, I suspect, a little biased according to advertising.

  2. I missed the "jog" - ridiculous. I find most of their gear and clothing picks to be outrageously prices and, I suspect, a little biased according to advertising.

  3. Agree with all of your observations - magazines are starting to show more plus-size models but only in the best light possible ... with clothing/poses that can still be touched up to give the look they want.

    A while back, I commented on a Zelle FB post with a picture of who I now know is their editor. I said thanks for using a "real woman" and then got criticized for thin shaming. But my point was about more than size - it's about how the magazine industry tries to present this image of perfect women. Even the skinny girls are photoshopped to look skinner ... who gives a crap if we see some cellulite under your running shorts?!

    Also, totally agree with Kim on the pricing issue ... Unless you're an elite, you're not dropping that kind of dough on all your gear.

  4. You're spot on in your criticism - Disappointed in RW, but not surprised.

  5. As one of those bigger, bustier girls, this concerns me too. The weird thing? I have one of their choices - the Sturdy Girl - but the bra style, not the tank. It's next to impossible to get on and off but at least it doesn't have hooks to turn my back into hamburger like the MC ones have done.

  6. I agree with the previous commenter that it's about the advertising. I think these companies send out samples and whoever is the highest bidder wins the mention in the article.

    This makes me mad on so many levels about the blonde beauty. It's like the mags are thinking "OKkkkk we realize we need to expand our models to reflect all sizes, but she's still NOT QUITE GOOD ENOUGH to be photographed like the other models." Pisses me off.

  7. Amen! I'm slower than most people and as a plus-sized person, I'm sure I fit into the "jog" category according to RW. Why don't they show a shirt I saw recently that said "Slow runners make faster runners look good. You're welcome."

  8. Jog=rage for me. Curious to know models thoughts about pose/tank.