Monday, March 30, 2015

Runners Are The Best {Notes from the Weekend}

They say those who can't do teach. If that's the case, those who can't run (a long distance) volunteer.

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And volunteer I did. I was at the second aid station, which runners passed around miles 5 and 7. I filled cups with water and sports drinks. I lined them up on tables. I handed them out with amazing form. Tip: Hold the cup in the palm of your hand with as little pressure as you can. It allows runners to grab the top and keep moving.

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It was a total PR.

I'd like to think I volunteer at races semi-regularly but my time on the course at the 35th annual Nutri-Run 20K was my first time manning an aid station at a road race. I have been at aid stations for trail runs but there, people stop and chat. These folks, who were in it for track club points, weren't in it to be social.

OK. Maybe some were.

My buddy Joe gave me a hug in passing, quite literally. He had people to catch and catch them he did. A gal from the run group, who had run 10 miles before the race (gotta love marathon training), stopped to stretch. And vent. Maybe. One of the male masters who frequently earns track club Ironman status (completing all track club points in a year) asked me for a push.

Sore subject, buddy. Sore. Subject.

Even still, it was a ton of fun. I got to hang out with some awesome ladies, cheer on my favorite people ...

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and not run 12.4 miles on country roads in blustery conditions. It might have been nicer than last year but this race is never easy.

But the best part? We all went out to lunch after where the running group gals hosted a sprinkle, if you will. Baby boy got some much cute clothes and decor fitting with the dinosaur theme of his room, books, diapers, wipes and pacis. The clubbers were also thoughtful enough to consider Miles, who got books and super hero toys.

And me? Well, I'm spoiled – a pedicure, wine and champagne.

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Proving runners are the best people ever.

How was your weekend?

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  1. You are so cute!! I love volunteering for races! I think I have only done one aid station. I usually like to man registration/start/finish line!!