Thursday, February 19, 2015

Revolutions {+ quiz}

Wednesday was not pretty.

My physical therapy appointment was a bit of a cluster, and I swear that I was in more pain after the muscle release treatment than I was before. To boot, one of the midwives had told me to watch the weight gain (I'm at 24 pounds/32 weeks), and I was on day 1 of recommitting to a cleaner diet. I hobbled and cried, yelled and limped. I was hungry and pissy, stabby and sugar deprived.

I managed but I'm not so sure for everyone around me.

But today is a new day, so I filled up my Nuun bottle and dropped in a tab of tropical and put on the brightest clothes I could find – leggings and hoodie from Kohl's. Both were to distract me from the pain and ridiculous cold that is blanketing northeast Indiana. I then went out in said cold, drove to the Y and sat my butt on the stationary bike.

 photo IMG_20150219_094411_zpshjnbausf.jpg

I pedaled for 30 minutes, slow and with no resistance. I stopped when I got tired of pushing myself back in the seat. Question: Why are the seats tilted forward and so slippery? I almost ditched the upright for the recumbent because I got tired of the seat. However, I like to save them for a different generation.

My piriformis was definitely talking but only after I got off the bike. It wasn't any more than it does at the end of the day. Progress? Probably not. But(t), at least I got to sweat.

◊ ◊ ◊

I saw this quiz over at Running Bun, and it was fun. So I decided I'd do it, too, mostly so I can stop talking about my bad ass for a hot minute.

1. Something you will… 

refuse to do for the rest of you life: Participate in the drama. Instead, I will view it from the comfort of my couch.

always do forever: Breathe.

 2. Something you think is… 

certifiably disgusting: the sound of people clipping fingernails/toenails. I seriously can't stand it – like nails on a chalkboard.

 absolutely amazing: Leggings. I want to wear them FOREVER.

 3. A compliment you’ve been given that’s made you… 

feel on top of the world: when Miles, out of the blue, tells me I look beautiful.

pretty upset: "You have some really interesting features." I was told this yesterday as I waited for my therapy appointment. The guy was nice (and older) and totally meant well but ... WTF?

 4. A name you… 

hate: Titus. It was pitched by Mark for baby boy's middle name. As a middle name, though, it makes a kid's name sound like a disease. "Hi, my name is Sampson Titus, and I cause sleep deprivation, red eyes and hair to fall out."

love: Cadence. I had a family name picked out if we were having a girl but was always drawn to Cadence/Cady. (Ha! I bet this would have been a great time to give a clue to baby boy's actual name but nah. So secret.)

5. A taste you… 

can’t stand: Beets. I try but they remind me of dirt.

can’t get enough of: Wasabi. And coffee. Not together, obviously.

6. A song you always… 

turn off immediately: Anything by Train. It brings back bad memories of an internship from hell when I was 20 and working in the vast metropolis of Napoleon, Ohio.

belt out the lyrics to: "Let It Go." #toddlermom

7. Animal you… 

fear: Birds. Any and all.

need in your life right this instant: A goat. Lots of them. I would farm and make cheese and soap and then eat the cheese and take baths with the soap. Plus, the goat would eat the garbage.

8. Something you… 

will never ever eat: Quinoa. I blame this article.

would eat for every meal if you were given the chance: I have to copy Running Bun. A Chipotle burrito bowl with all of the toppings (extra guac).


  1. I think I may take your advice and go tropical with my wardrobe this weekend. Pow! That's a way to brighten any mood.

    However, take some advice from a girl who grew up on a goat farm (we're talking a herd of 100+ at one point ...): Goats smell. And they kick when you try to milk or shear them (we had Angoras for the mohair). They also put holes in fences because they want to eat the stupid dandelions in your yard ... and then you have to chase them around when you just got off the school bus. ... and then fix the damn fence hole before more get out. Also, a pygmy goat won't make holes in your fences - he'll just jump over all of them, no matter how high you build them! And did I mention they smell? I preferred our pigs over the goats ... that's saying something.

    1. How did I not know this? Apparently we need to run together more to phish out these details! Please inform my piriformis to cooperate with said plan.

  2. I LOVE the but(t) and bad ass. I can't wait to find out Baby Boy's name! I love naming babies! We always named ours early on and referred to them by name while still pregnant. I'm glad you got a sweat on this morning. However don't sweat the weight gain. I think nurses should NEVER say stuff like that unless it's seriously out of control!

    1. Interesting note: Mark will call the baby by name but I just can't do it. I feel like I have to wait for him to be here.

      I agree on the weight gain. One of the things she mentioned was that the weight is more evident because I'm small (code for short? or healthy weight?) I almost wonder if they address it with people who seem interested or intent on staying healthy. My previous doctor talked to me about it with Miles, and I gained about 37 with him. A friend gained 37 and no one said anything to her. So weird.

  3. I'm still mad at that midwife.

  4. I'm still mad at that midwife.

  5. I don't like your midwife and I would help you farm goats if I could have chickens.