Thursday, February 12, 2015

From Good to Bad in 3.9 Miles {A Three Things Thursday Post}

Wednesday started out like any other Wednesday.

I got the boys fed and Miles ready for daycare. I reviewed my music for barbell class and found the only pair of capris that were both clean and belly compatible. I took out Denali ... and took him out again. I got Miles fed ... again. And, at 8:20, we set off for daycare.

But the day was going to be better than just an ordinary Wednesday. I knew it. After all, I had taken off the day just because. It was a me day.

1. Barbell class was great. I felt strong and on it, and there were a couple new faces. The demographics of my Y can make it challenging at times as English isn't always a first language but the new gals did great. They just brought a new life to the class, and I left feeling sweaty and rejuvenated.

2. After a quick trip home to shower and watch an episode of "Property Brothers," I was off to lunch with my running friends. It was Shannon's birthday so we decided to do something incredibly novel and see each other in real clothes. I have to say that I have some really good looking friends.

 photo 20150211_125919_zpsybui6g9g.jpg

The bonus: The restaurant we went to is known for its epic grilled cheese sandwiches, and I didn't go wrong with the pesto version that features cheddar, swiss, provolone and muenster cheeses, tomatoes, artichoke hearts and pesto sauce on grilled sourdough. I paired it with the house salad (veggies!) as the restaurant has the best peppercorn dressing.

3. What better way to enjoy a day off than to go for a solo run? The weather was somewhat tempting at 37 degrees though it was dreary and there was a light rain. I knew I would brighten it up with my Pro Compression heart socks and a Fila Hoodie from Kohl's that I found at a post-lunch shopping trip. I had been eyeing it for months, and I found it on clearance for 70 percent off plus I had a 20 percent off coupon.

 photo IMG_20150211_182339_zpsrefcplgk.jpg

Things went from good to meh to bad once I hit the trail and no matter how cute the clothes, the run could not be saved.

I've been used to some aches and pains running – round ligament pain, the widening of the hips, low back – but I experienced something new. I felt a pain in my ass. Literally. It started out as a dull ache, one I thought that I would run through and work out. I stopped to stretch half way, and I felt like the run was never the same. It was as if the entire glute just seized up. I tried more stretches and it didn't work. I had to get home so I just gutted it out.

Once I got home, I stretched, foam rolled and used a softball to do myofascial release. I was sure that was all I needed to take care of the pain in my butt.

But I was wrong. It seemed to make it all worse. My right side was tight and now immobile. I was barely able to walk across the room, and it was not without wincing. It got progressively worse as the night went on and even going to the bathroom was a struggle.

 photo 20150211_191723_zpsnxdbgdme.jpg

The worst part was that I knew trips up and down the steps to help with bedtime was not going to happen. I had to have Mark bring Miles downstairs so I could read to him on the couch. And when Miles got fiesty, I couldn't comfort him.

Or myself.

When I woke up this morning, I couldn't help but cry. Big fat tantrum tears as Mark handed me a cup of coffee. My right side was still tight, and moving was a challenge. I had Mark bring up crutches from the basement and I lumbered around.

At this point, I can barely walk – much less run. I just said Wednesday morning that running isn't important for me physically, though it is. I need it mentally. I need it to feel good about myself, to feel strong, to feel like me, to stay sane. I don't know what I'll do if I'll have to stop, especially now. If I have to take off weeks to rest (and I will if needed), I know I am done running for this pregnancy. I won't be able to just restart at 35 weeks.

I'm trying to be hopeful. I am. Baby boy could be sitting on my sciatic nerve and maybe a good roll will take off the pressure. I could have some luck with a more gentle approach to stretching and foam rolling, along with heat and ice.

If anyone has experience with piriformis pain, please send me your tips. And I'll take any good thought I can get, too!


  1. I'll keep thinking positive thoughts for you! You have every right to feel upset about this. Whether it's next week or next month, I hope you get to CHOOSE when you take your final pregnancy run - and that it's an enjoyable one!

  2. I'm the high priestess of piriformis pain but this sounds different in that it came on so suddenly and is so debilitating. I agree with you I think it may be the baby on your sciatic nerve. Hope he gets off.

  3. oh no! i'm so sorry!!
    i did have piriformis actually - in 2008 maybe? i got it from a bad fall. i can link the blog posts if you want? i had an awesome PT and is has since been a nonissue. even during pregnancy. i totally understand your concerns about not running the rest of this pregnancy. i felt similarly, but i also knew in the back of my mind that it was temporary. i have honestly felt like it has been so hard and is taking forever to "comeback" from pregnancies. i wish i had better advice, but instead i'll send happy thoughts for less pain and some answers for you. *hugs*