Thursday, January 15, 2015

Making Room for Baby {A Three Things Thursday post}

Baby Boy is due April 13 – 87 days from now. A little more than 12 weeks. Forever and a day. Or ... back to 87 days, which isn't really that long. And so the time has come to actually start preparing for this child to, like, live outside my body.

The to-do list has felt overwhelming at times, especially given the state of the bedroom that he will occupy. It had been used as an office/man room with two TVs, towers of DVDs, shelves full of books, a desk, two chairs, ottoman and other essentials. You know, like running awards and a display for all of my medals.

But the past few weeks have been spent in overdrive and we have finally made some visible progress.

 photo 20150115_085107_zpsyghy5bz3.jpg

1. My medal display was taken down from the room and moved to the upstairs hallway.  I hung it ceremoniously above the spot where we keep Denali's food and water dishes. Now, every time he chows down, he can bask in the training runs he has done to me. Or, he can listen to the medals jingle and think of, umm, birds?

As an aside, my display has five hooks and I have five years' worth of medals. Each hook holds one year. I have no idea what I'll do with any medals acquired this year.

 photo 20150115_085118_zpssxv1cyli.jpg

2. I also managed to hang the handful of age group awards that I have won. Until now, one was hung in the baby's soon-to-be room, one sat on the desk and one was underneath the driver's seat of my car. These are hung near the medal display, making for my own personal hall of fame. I could really cap it off if I ever have my Woman's Day issue framed professionally. LOOK AT ME AND ALL MY AWESOMENESS!

 photo 20150115_085219_zps0qtitw0t.jpg

3. PAINT. I spent 3+ hours of my life on Saturday (windows open, mask on) getting this taken care of. I always think painting shouldn't take long and then I'm falling asleep with a brush in one hand and roller in the other.

The color is Green Dynasty from the Behr Marquee collection. The saleslady at Home Depot suggested the pricey choice as I was going with a bright color and Behr touts this line as a one-coat wonder. To say I was dubious would be an understatement. However, much to my surprise, it really did cover the walls in one coat. I have a few spots to touch where my attempts at cutting in weren't great but it should take a half-hour ... or five. Whatever.

The secondary color in the room, which will have a dinosaur theme, will be navy so this child isn't going to be thinking at 3-weeks-old that his  mother abandoned him in a neon grassy knoll.

I feel like I should note that painting is an awesome shoulder and back workout. I was more sore Sunday, the day after painting, than I am after increasing weights for a barbell class. So ... if anyone needs a good workout, I'll "train" you for free and we can redo my kitchen with the Behr paint.




  1. 87 days really isn't that long. I think your nursery theme should be "Runner" and just leave all your swag in there.

  2. 12 weeks is nothing!!! Oh wait .. 12 weeks PLUS one day .. that's a long way from now. Nope. That shit is going to fly by. I love love the green. Great choice. I desperately want to repaint some rooms in my house. Maybe this year will be the year. It really needs to happen. But as soon as I think about it, I'm like .. uh .. that's a lot of work. Maybe next year. HA!

    1. I've been saying that we need to repaint downstairs for ages ... and it's not happened. Our entry way is dire but I haven't gotten there yet. I wish I could budget a painter!

  3. wth i wrote a long comment and it disappeared!

  4. the gist was that you have done A LOT to prepare for baby #2 (we did nothing). then i went on about how she wears her sister's old clothes and plays with her sister's old toys and is lucky to even have part of a room (she has a wall in the guest room where her crib and changing table is). i closed with a comment about how you have a ton of medals - and that's impressive!

  5. 12 weeks is a training cycle. You can do THAT! I love the green and putting it with navy! And we painted our house with Behr, too. Totally worth it.