Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pop Quiz: What Would You Do Wednesday

My alarm was set for 4:45 a.m. but I started to toss at 4:15. I saw the clock at 4:25 and again at 4:35. But I waited. Waited for the ring that would signal me to get out of bed.

I'm still not used to the alarm selection on my phone — it's kind and not jolting — but I did spring when I heard it. I went downstairs, slipped on some shoes and headed outside. I started my car and headed back inside. Bathroom break, a change of clothes and a swallow of vitamins.

Oh, coffee cake. I found it in the freezer when I was cleaning it out. Sourdough Banana. A quick bite. Just one. It was time to go.

I headed to the downtown YMCA, which opens at 4:30 a.m., to run on the treadmill. The one in the basement is no longer good for running, and the cold temperatures (low teens, real feel in single digits) plus still icy roads deterred me from going outside. I listened to "The Wild" on the short drive there, one hand on my Nuun bottle. I had picked Cherry Limeade knowing I would need the caffeine.

5:05 a.m. the clock on my car read as I pulled into the eerily empty parking lot. The cold must have kept people in bed, I reasoned. I know it was slow at the branch where I teach on Monday after the snow. I stumbled to the door, pulled the handle and nothing.

I looked up.

 photo IMG_20141119_051032_zpsivyci5fl.jpg

Ah, hell. No. HELL NO.

So what's a mother runner to do?

A. Go home and get back in bed. Unplanned rest day it is!

B. Go home, grab warmer clothes (and risk waking up the family) and run outside.

C. Spend the drive home reworking the schedule to run later. Runch, perhaps?

D. Break down the door and run anyway. Who needs water to run on the treadmill?!


  1. Unplanned rest day. After all, you're preggo and a rest is 'legal'.
    (Whoever made the sign definitely needs to use spellcheck next time!)

  2. Oh man, knowing me, I'd go home and call it a rest day, but I'd need the run even more after seeing that sign! What did you do?

  3. THAT. SUCKS. I would have been so mad. And since I was mad I would have probably taken a rest day at the time. Then when the anger subsided I would have figured out the whole Runch idea, because I obsess over training plans. More than anything regardless of being pregnant I would say you're not training for anything specific right now so enjoy the rest day. But seriously what's up with the grammar on the sign?? haha.

    1. We are kindred spirits. I hadn't ran since Sunday and really wanted to run today. I runched.

  4. I think I'd reschedule it some other time in the day - nobody but me gets to mess with my schedule! Haha :P Nah but seriously, I'm all good with being too busy or having family/friend/work stuff to do but when I have time and energy etc and it's just logistics messing me up, I'll find a way!