Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Fun

This post has nothing to do with running. It has nothing to do with a certain event tomorrow. Nope. We're just here to have some fun.

 photo 10410631_849486438409486_8439833267989860450_n_zps891bbe32.jpg

So, a few weeks ago, I judged a cooking competition that was a benefit for The League for the Blind and Disabled. It was a pretty cool event a) because I was there; b) I got to meet Christine Ha from "Master Chef"; and c) I got to take home this awesome bigger-than-life size cutout of myself.

Her name is Kassondra.

Now, let me tell you first that I like this thing more than one should. It is beyond amusing. I should also tell you that Mark does not like it nor does he enjoy how amusing I find it.


 photo 9f7e25b3-97cb-4674-b6e1-18bcaa10061b_zpsae033384.jpg

Well, I like to put her in spots to surprise him. In the bathroom, behind a closed door. At the bottom of the basement steps. In the front window. Today, she is waiting for him in the entry way. She will be the first thing Mark sees when he gets home from school.

Miles. My son. Oh, is he cute. It's a good thing, too, because this little bugger is not a fan of sleep.

I'm starting to think that he doesn't need a nap - at all - which doesn't really fly with daycare. Something about laws and accreditation. We are working with them on limiting naps in the hope we can have a more reasonable bedtime. (We went from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. We'd be happy with 8:30. And, yes, he's still getting up at the same time.)

So, yesterday, he had a half nap, and we hoped for that 8:30. As you can tell from the video, he wasn't interested in sleeping. I might be the worst parent ever because I don't employ all of those "Super Nanny" tactics to get him to bed. Rather, I just try to contain him so I can eat a snack and watch an episode of "The Following." And, like, say hi to my husband.

 photo jumping_jacks_zpsf5a828f3.png

True story: I almost peed my pants doing jumping jacks during boot camp last night.

And that pretty much shuts it down, eh.


  1. Maybe you should put Kassondra right outside of Miles' bedroom door to scare him back in when he decides to wander out.

  2. Kassondra is amazeballs! That peeing thing during jumping jacks? Notsomuch. I have the same problem so I just avoid jumping jacks.

  3. That is hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh while I was waiting on tomatoes to process canning in the wee hours of the morning. I had to come back to comment today just because it was still making me chuckle. All of your readers could come up with some great adventures for Kassondra that Mark would just adore. ;)

    As for the peeing thing, if you can find an awesome physiotherapist who specialized in urogenital/pelvic floor issues, sometimes even trampoline jumping is possible again. (I'm not trying to be one of those "you should do this" advice people, but am just sharing a bit of what I taught in my former capacity as a birth trauma peer support counsellor. My own doctor had told me that was "just part of being a woman", but I found a physio who taught me otherwise and gave me my life back. She is the reason I speak up when I hear another woman share.)

    p.s. The photo of you at the table makes me want to get all brave and chop my hair short. I love the way it looks on you. So beautiful.