Thursday, February 20, 2014

Life lessons to run by: Three Things Thursday

It was going to be a run. A rave run. The sun was out, the mercury had risen above freezing and a warm spell the previous day had melted the snow and ice on the trail.

In essence, it was a day that I had ran for all winter, and I was sure my easy 3-miler would be worth the wait.

 photo 69D9053A-984E-44B8-BD54-BD7D5B9C677A_zpsj1z2sxsv.jpg

Until I took the first step. My legs felt heavy, my body tired and I had cramps. Not those kind of cramps, mind you, though they were in the same area. It was more of a pain than an ache, and I had this sensation that my girl parts were going to explode out and fall on the trail. So either I bruised the bits during an interval trainer ride Monday or I'm growing a Tyrannosaurus that wanted to claw its way out.

Editor's note: I am not pregnant and it is not that time of the month, hence the confusion.

I tried to forget about it and focus on the glory that was running outside. Soak in the experience that I had been whining for. As I stepped around the gate and over a mini snow mountain, something my grandma would often tell me popped in my head.

Grandma, who is always right {11th commandment}, has been on my mind lately as I will finally get to see her this weekend after two failed attempts earlier this year. She always has something wise to say and her nuggets are things I need to live by.

1. Accept the things I cannot change. The Serenity Prayer is what came to mind just after the first mile on my run Wednesday. I couldn't change the state of my bits but I could change my frustration and attitude. It's definitely a model of thinking to adopt during the harsh winter months - accept the conditions, change your attitude (or mode of exercise) and move on.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much it applies to me, in the current sate of things, and it was comforting. I can stop allowing negative emotions to get the best of me and accept the things I cannot change and look for the courage to change the things I can.

2. Gratitude. Grandma is always telling me to be thankful for the things I have, and I'd like to think I am. I feel grateful for the things my body can do and that Mark allows me the freedom to do them.  I was reminded this week, though, that I am not always so mindful about exhibiting it. A co-worker recently celebrated her anniversary at the office, and she handed out thank you cards to those who had helped her this year. It was a definite first for me, and it was nothing I'd ever think to do - much less expect. The card served as a good reminder that gratitude needs to permeate all areas of life.

3. One drink, one water. OK, this one is a little less serious but nonetheless important. Grandma's rule for drinking at the bar is you need to follow every alcoholic beverage with a glass of water. Her thinking is that you won't have enough space for the drinks if you are following it with water. (Or, you are too busy peeing that you can't find time to order a drink.) I'm not a bar girl but, you all know, I am a coffee girl. In an effort to hydrate, I made a rule: I have to "earn" the coffee by drinking a cup of water. It hasn't cut my coffee consumption but I am drinking water, as well as getting some extra steps with the frequent ladies room trips.

 photo A74A4105-A511-4D75-BFB8-33D6CC6F46C0_zpszzwyi0ld.jpg

Another scene from Wednesday's run. Notice where the snow hits the benches.

What are your rules to live by?


  1. Love, love, love this post. Your Grandma is a smart lady. I am someone who worries about the things I can't control, and I'm trying to get better about that and accept those things. You are also so right about being grateful and showing gratitude. I think it is common for us to complain about everyday things -- like aches and pains from runs or not having enough time to fit it all in. If those are the worst things we are going through, we are extremely lucky. Your next run will be better! xoxo

  2. this are great rules!! You always make me laugh with your comments, but i am sorry that you weren't feeling up to par. I have definitely had those runs at times, when my body was rebelling against me and telling me to just stop. it always seems the shorter runs are always the worst, especially after a long training tun. You think oh it's just 5 miles no biggy, but then you take that first step and you know it's going to suck. Love this post.

  3. Grandma's are awesome. I was just thinking about mine the other day. She was more of a role model than my mom for sure (sorry mom). One of her most excellent rules was "Life is always better when you dance around your kitchen".

  4. Very wise comments from your grandma! Love the comment about gratitude -- this is something I am trying to focus more on too. What a thoughtful idea from your coworker.