Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weekly Training Update: 12/2-12/8

There's something to be said for the accountability a running friend can bring.

I was happily sliding into the off season, savoring short runs albeit simultaneously feeling guilty that I wasn't running as far as I thought I should. I've been spending more time on the bike, less time on the roads and, honesty, doing whatever the hell I feel like. It's pretty rad.

Late in the week, though, I got a message from my Vets training partner asking me what my long run plans for the weekend were. I was all, like, "Long run? What's that?"

Then I said that I could do 8 on Sunday morning since I managed the 10K on Thanksgiving. And so it was done.

It was a chilly 8, in the teens, but the ice had not arrived and we set off from a new spot for a change in scenery. I am happy to say that my bum magically didn't freeze in my Mizuno tights. The miles ticked off faster than we had logged during marathon training, the pace and conversation feeling easy. We rehashed the marathon an moved onto things like life - past, present and future. I felt like a bit of a slacker as he had logged 12 the week before but 8 was just right for that day.

It was a run I definitely wouldn't have done on my own but so glad I did. It was a good reminder that I need to keep up the long runs as well as my new running relationships.

The week, in training:

Monday: 3.5-mile run + 30 minutes on trainer
Tuesday: 30 minutes on elliptical + 15 minutes on stationary bike + 2.29-mile run
Wednesday: Bodypump
Thursday: 3.25-mile run + Rip
Friday: 4.38-mile run + 20 minutes rowing
Saturday: Bodypump
Sunday: 8.3-mile run

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