Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Please explain to me ...

It could be the 5 a.m. alarm or the fact that alarm didn't even wake me up thanks to Denali's stinky butt but I've spent the better part of the morning confused.

Royally, "Legally Blonde" meets Jessica Simpson confused.

1. Why every cute clothing item I see on Pinterest is from a stupid deal site that requires me to create an account?

T-shirt be damned, this pine cone necklace is cute!

The most recent offender is Uncovet. I really wanted to check out some T-shirt, which was so awesome I don't even remember it, and caved to the account. Now, for about 3.5 days until I delete it, I'll be getting stupid emails alerting me to sales - just a million more to the ones I already get from LeftLane, Zulil, Active Junky and ...

::brain stops::


2. Why, when digging up dandelions in the established garden, did I dig up a teddy bear? A legit bear that had to have belonged to a child at some point. And, it wasn't even found 10 inches below - but just one good shovel scoop away.

The most logical explanation is that it belonged to Child No. 7 (of the 8) next door, who has a penchant for throwing things over the fence, and Denali found it and promptly buried for safe-keeping. In my garden. I went out this morning to take a photo but the mysterious teddy bear has disappeared once again, most likely at the paws of a certain Siberian husky. While I was out there, though, I planted the remaining 7 (of 18) tomato plants, some thyme from a co-worker and contemplated moving a hosta but that required more brain power than I had available.

3. Why, nearly two weeks after the half, am I still running in recovery mode? I feel like a turtle (as opposed to the dump truck Miles said I was). I'm hoping I shake out before a rundate this weekend with some new ladies.


  1. I hate those sites too.'s a legit online store but everything cute & pinned is out of stock.

    I think a run with friends is just what you need.

  2. Seriously that pine necklace might be the cutest necklace I've seen. I think that means you have to buy it right?

  3. The teddy bear made me laugh!

  4. A teddy bear! How random and funny! I hear you on those emails. Oh my gosh so annoying!

  5. Ha! Please tell me there is a pic of this teddy bear?!

    Ugh. Yes. You and me both, re: recovery mode. The runs with friends will help. I felt better this morning running with a friend, and when I downloaded the Garmin I saw our pace was a bit faster too. Good distractions!

  6. I nominated you for very inspiring blog award!

  7. After my 1st marathon, I was in recovery mode for like 6 weeks. It felt forever and I felt so slow. It happens occasionally after a half and it's annoying. Hope you get back to regular running soon :)