Friday, March 1, 2013

Wardrobe malfunctions

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I wouldn't call myself a pro at the ole "go for a run and return to work" thing but I've done it enough times that I should know how it works.

And by know how it works, I mean that I should know what to pack.Yet twice this week, I have found myself in compromising positions because I obviously don't know how to pack.

 photo F952F29E-5769-4516-832C-4951E4CA1D27-5226-000003564F5D07E1_zpsfb5b8101.jpg

On Monday, I had planned a 3- or 4-mile recovery run in the afternoon - just something to refresh my legs and minds during the awkward time before my meetings. My stomach was starting to feel a bit off but I decided to give it a go and see how things went. I grabbed my tote bag and headed to the ladies room to get ready.

I shed work clothes and slipped on a sports bra and shirt. I slid on a pair of capris and put on my watch. I grabbed my shoes and sock.

Yes. Sock. Singular.

 photo 9622F5A6-5D67-4727-B910-C7CE1D48D468-5226-00000356183373F9_zpsb6a7e774.jpg

It seems that I only had the forethought to bring one with me (the other, as I later discovered, was in the center console of my car - obviously where it belonged). I could have used the stomach + sock combo to skip but I already told someone I was running and, well, yeah.

 photo 80284ED2-4142-4D00-B4F5-F2DE21C8663B-5226-000003566D6543B0_zps3b394b12.jpg

I was a bit surprised to discover how not bothersome it was to run with one sock. I didn't even notice a difference until mile 2.5 and it was near my big toe, where the tongue hits the top of the foot - not the heel as I expected. It was a bit uncomfortable but no big deal.

Not like going sans bra to work.

This morning, in an effort to sleep and run, I decided to pull my favorite mother runner trick: drop off Miles a bit early and show up to work 15 minutes late. I took the beast - and I can call him that because he said his friend at daycare loves him more than I do - to my mother-in-law's house about 9. He was decked out in IPFW fanware, and I was in lululemon capris and an Under Armour turtleneck.

After a few attempts at a hug, I said my goodbyes and headed out for a 5-mile run. The run itself, if you're interested, was nothing special but I was glad to be able to run after feeling so terrible for most of the week and teaching two classes last night. I finished in 47 minutes, got in the car and headed to work - where I would clean up and change.

And I did clean up, thanks to the baby wipes and deodorant I always keep in my tote bag. I did change, too, in the sense that I took off my running clothes and put on the things I packed.

The things I packed: Denim trousers, a belt, long-sleeve Kelly green T-shirt, plaid button-up, cream scarf and boots.

Did you notice something missing? Go back. Look. Now tell me.

Yep, that would be a bra. I did not bring a bra to work. I felt a bit troubled when I made the discovery. I certainly didn't want to drive home to retrieve one nor did I want to go to the nearby Salvation Army to buy a thrifted one. My support tank that I wore running was soaking and definitely not an option.

So ...

So ...

So ...

I decided not to wear one at all. Before you get all skeeved out, let's be honest about my situation. Wearing a bra is just a formality as nursing + weight loss has left little to support. I'm also wearing two shirts plus a scarf that hides it all and, well, there you have it. I've apparently transported myself back to the 1970s where undergarments are optional and shaving is discouraged. (It is, just ask my legs.)

Question of the day: What would you do? Bonus points for saying you'd buy a super cute gym bag stocked with essentials to store at your desk.


  1. I pretend I have the stomach flu and go home for the rest of the day and eat bon-bons while I watch Gilmore Girls on TV.

  2. I totally would have gone back home for a bra, but there is no way I would have been able to get away with not wearing one! Nursing and good old fashion yo-yo weight have left me with an ample, but saggy bosoms :( One day when I hit the jack-pot (or my ideal weight, or the end of child birthing), I may decide to have reconstructive surgery on the girls, but I don't see that happening any time soon!

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  4. I would have done exactly what you did, especially since you had the double layers and scarf to hide the girls. Did you forget underwear too or just leave them off the list? I would have been more sad about forgetting undies.

    1. Oh, yes, bottoms were there. I learned that lesson when I used to do laps and forgot them in my swim bag. I would have gone shopping had that been the case!

  5. Love it. I would have done the same thing (not much here either) but I would have been horribly self-conscious and all creepy-nervous all day long about it. So basically I would have gotten NOTHING done because I would have been so worried someone would figure it out or I would headlight everyone.

  6. I would have gone home, got my bra (probably shower since I was already there), and just go to work late. I don't think I could spend the day going bra-less!

  7. Oh NO! Whoops! Glad you were still able to make the situation work out! Sorry that happened!

  8. hahaha. I would have just rocked it like you did!!!!! I've packed my gym bag and forgotten a shirt. I did the sports bra thing even though I shouldn't be doing it at all. No one stops me from getting a run in...well, except for the little man