Wednesday, January 2, 2013

(pv) Body conscious

Warning: Rage induced rant ahead ...

You can't swing a resistance band around the blog world, Twitter and Facebook without getting smacked in the face by pv.Body.

Seemingly the latest incarnation in the subscription fad, pv.Body is a company that hand selects workout ensembles for women based on a questionnaire. The company promises that the outfits they put together are from quality activewear companies, even throwing around the name lululemon, as a result of relationships its built with the manufacturers.

Many of the outfits I've seen from blog reviews - and there are too many to list - have not been lululemon but American Apparel, Nux and Colosseum. I've not worn those brands and can't be sure of their quality but the pieces didn't seem to be anything special. Not the way lululemon pieces are.

Nonetheless, I couldn't help but feel jealous that I didn't have the opportunity to review the service, and I waffled for a good two weeks about whether to join. I tweeted about it, in a shameless, vain effort, to get a free box and took the style survey a number of times. I even put the subscription in the cart before canceling it, deciding that even the discounted rate of $39.95 would be better spent on a race fee.

I should note that during my shameless tweets that I did get responses from the company.

But when I received a coupon code via email for 40 percent off just before Christmas, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and try it out.

Just one problem: The coupon didn't give me 40 percent off. It gave me 20 percent off - not what I wanted. I had hit order too soon, though, and despite hitting the back button, it went through.

I immediately emailed the company, asking them to cancel the order and refund my card before the outfit was shipped. I explained that the coupon did not come off correctly, and the coupon was the sole reason I was trying it. I got an automated email saying that they were busy but would get to my case. A few hours later, another email came saying that my case had been resolved.

For them.

My card is still charged, an outfit has been shipped and I have had no response from the company now that I'm unhappy and unwilling to try the service. I will admit that the holidays could be causing a delay but I've seen tweets from their account and no response to complaints via twitter nor a followup email. I've since emailed a third time and have received an automatic response that my request will be reviewed. I also called as that's what was instructed on its Facebook page in response to other complaint. No answer. Message left.

As for the outfit? I have yet to receive it - according to FedEx, it's still in California - so I can't attest to its quality. But what I can tell you is buyer beware. Sure, a whole lot of bloggers got to try outfits, made exchanges effortlessly and fell in love ... because it was free and the company was trying to spread the word. Now that the word is out, they either can't handle it or don't want to.

And I'm not cool with that.

Editor's note/disclaimer: I feel like I should mention that while I do like to participate in product reviews and giveaways and I do feel somewhat obligated to do them right, I do my best to be honest and fair. When I feel like I haven't (read: MOTOACTV), I try to revisit the topic and update you.


  1. I had some bad customer service with a company recently where they would not respond to my inquires (Bobbi can back me up) and it left such a bad taste in my mouth. I hope they give you a refund and cancel your order!

    I have seen this subscription thing and not to be too negative... but it just does not sound like something I would like at all. I have a ton of workout clothes already, and it seems expensive to me!

  2. Not sure how much time has passed since you last heard from them but my guess is people out of office for holidays and/or more orders coming in than they expected. Shoot me an email if you want the contact info for the rep I worked with.

    I've had bad customer service lately with big name companies. JCPenney still hasn't mailed a gift card to me that I ordered Dec. 18. Pottery Barn told me curtains I wanted were back ordered until June, no exceptions.

  3. That totally stinks! I have seen other bloggers review that product/service and none seem to be getting the elusive Lululemon outfit. I'm so sorry that you are having a tough time with them and I don't believe that the holidays should be a reason for them delaying responses to you. If you are a customer service organization/business that is just starting out then there are no excuses.

    I looked into pv.body but decided against it. I like to pick out my own outfits and have a love of the lululemon outlet.

  4. pv.body tweets were how I found you. Sorry to hear this hasn't worked out well. The stream of tweets and posts (many without disclosure) rubbed me the wrong way.

    I was waiting on Gaiam to reply to me about why their site won't accept my order, but have given up. Holiday or not, if you're a health/fitness company you should be prepared for this time of year just as I would expect a back pack company to be ready for back to school season.

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  6. I have seen several blogger reviews about pv.body and they sounded like a great company as they effortlessly allowed the bloggers to try free clothes and exchanged quickly if the clothes were the wrong size or fit. After your complaint, I don't know if I would even want to go through with them and possibly have a bad experience, especially if you are paying that much for clothes! I think the clothes are way over priced to begin with (I know they are good brands) and can't imagine spending that much every month on exercise clothes that I am going to sweat in.

  7. I have also have had a negative experience with PV body. I ordered in November, received a too small outfit in December, returned it Dec 14 and am still waiting for either a replacement or refund. The company is operated by someone that operated another internet order company that was rated F by the BBB. I've tried to call the number but only reached a recording, there wasn't an option to leave a message. I just filed a complaint with the BBB. The promised freebies never appeared. Their FB page has even blocked me from posting on it. BEWARE!

    1. Hi Claire, I have had this exact same experience with them and the ONLY thing that worked was emailing them telling them I was going to be disputing the credit card charge with my bank if I wasn't contacted within 24 hours.

  8. I am also fighting them. Placed a email order Dec.21st and heard nothing. Now I understand the holidays were going on so I gave it time. Three emails later(with resposnses that had nothing to do with my intial request) and two phone calls and nothing. According to the website it is still in shipment from fedex from the 21st. I have never had such bad customer service before.