Friday, December 21, 2012

Food Friday: I want naan of it

Leave it to my culinary husband to offer an incredibly thought-provoking, astute review of dinner.

"It tastes just like the stuff at Taj but it's different. Like, crunchy."


Wow. Thanks. ... I think.

Mark is usually pretty heavy on the compliments when I cook (I think it's because he wants to keep eating) so anything that's not "Oh my gosh, this dinner is excellent. The chicken is moist. I love the complex flavors in the pasta. I am so glad I married you" is cause for concern.

And clarification. Thankfully, he liked it. A lot.

By the way, "it" happened to be the naan of our Chicken Tikka Masala Naan Pizza. Inspired by our favorite Indian dish and courtesy of the kind folks at Stonefire, it features tikka masala simmer sauce (thank you, Target), grilled chicken, sauteed red onions, mozzarella cheese and peas. Yes, peas. They're awesome. I swear. I put it all on the naan, baked it for 12 minutes at 400 degrees, taking it out when the cheese was melty and the crust was crisp.

Hence, Mark's observation of "crunchiness."

I could give you more of a recipe but that would insult your culinary stylings and make me write more about this delicious meal, the lovely flavor of the naan and welcome break from heavy holiday meals. The latter not necessarily a bad thing but I'm completely ravenous after an early a.m. Turbo Fire session and a mid-morning Real Ryder class, and I might start scavenging soon.

Or driving to my house for naan.

If you'd like to try Stonefire, the company is hosting a giveaway on Facebook that ends Dec. 24. The winner will receive a Calphalon Stainless Steel Cookware Set and a variety pack of Stonefire authentic flatbreads. Share with friends for extra entries!

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  1. looks so supper yummy! can/will Mark loan you out? I can give great compliments too!