Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I have some advice for you

My friend Katie is the real deal when it comes to fitness.

Katie is a lifelong athlete, cheered at the collegiate level and coaches tumbling. She is a certified personal trainer and is a certified group fitness, Zumba and Spinning instructor. She's working toward a physical therapy degree, studying exercise and nutrition. The girl has got a body, too - flat belly, toned arms and an ass like whoah. It probably helps that she's never been overweight, never had kids and is the ripe old age of 21.

But anyway, I digress.

Katie had just returned home from a run when the plumber came to fix her sink. She went about her business but stopped in the kitchen for some ice as she always puts it on her knees as a preventative measure. The plumber stopped what he was doing and said, "You know, if you need to ice your knees then maybe you shouldn't be running." She thanked him politely for the advice and told him it was OK. OK it was not because the plumber went on and on about why she shouldn't be running. And he should know - he is a trainer.

Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes but Katie, bless her heart, said in the kindest way possible that he didn't really look like a trainer. Not one she'd take advice from, at least.

And that's the problem: Everyone wants to give you health and fitness advice, whether you ask for it or not and whether they are qualified to give it. Getting more exercise is as simple as parking your car farther from a store, and eating right is as easy as shopping the perimeter. Don't run, walk. Diet soda is just as bad as regular.

Here's a tip for all those know-it-alls: Give me something I haven't heard before. Something I can actually apply to my life.

♦When you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, use the downstairs half-bath. It's quite possible that you are doing this not to add a flight of stairs to your activity log but to not wake up a baby with the flush. However, a flight of stairs is a flight of stairs and you should take them.

♦Speaking of the bathroom, when you are at work, be sure to use the restroom farthest from your office. Not only to you get in another 100 steps (maybe), your co-workers are also less likely to use it thus reducing the chance for awkward mid-stream conversations.

♦For every diet soda or cup of coffee you drink, drink a glass of water. I tweaked this rule a bit from my grandma's doctrine on alcohol but she doesn't have the Internet and you won't tell. I know you. If you know me, you know I like my caffeine. Drinking equal amounts of water basically means that I'll be walking those 100 steps to the bathroom quite often. Hey - those steps add up!

♦When you go to the store, forgo the cart and opt to carry things in a basket or in your hands to build upper body strength. It also helps to cut down on germ interaction with the handle on the cart and the limited space keeps you from grabbing the double decker mint Oreos.

♦Always carry your child, even if you are in a public place like the store or zoo. The additional weight on your hips, when alternated appropriately, will build strength. For a cardiovascular workout, put him down so you can grab a box of wipes for his stinker butt then sprint to keep him from stealing Ice Breakers gum. Speed work for the win!

♦Don't take a list to the grocery. Yes, I always like to have a menu plan and a corresponding list but leaving the list at homes means that you'll forget potatoes at the store and your beef stew will be mostly carrots, onions and beef and not the starchy, calorie-dense white potatoes.

♦OK, this one is for real: Start your day with a glass of water. When I was all into yoga (aka knocked up), one of the teachers read a passage that advised drinking room temperature water from a copper cup before doing anything else. Well, I have to go to the bathroom first and I don't have a copper cup. So fig you, fancy pants. However, I do drink a big glass - preferably two - before eating or drinking anything. I find it helps me from eating too much and drinking too much coffee.

What wellness tips do you find particularly agitating?


  1. At work I skip the elevator and use the steps!

  2. Ha! I was going to say the same thing as Patricia. And not because I have some weird elevator phobia, oh no, not because of that at all...

  3. I walk to the grocery store instead of driving. Started this one when the little man didn't like the car and it just stuck. Helps that I only live .5 miles from the store :)

  4. I get up and stretch every hour when sitting at my desk at work! I get so sore after sitting all day, it literally drives me nuts :)

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  7. Oh geez. Even plumber/trainers have unsolicited advice. I need to implement the more water before too much coffee rule.