Friday, September 28, 2012

Setting up Fort

If there was ever a race to be mine, it would be Fort-4-Fitness.

I ran my half-marathon PR there in 2010.

I puked my guts out at the finish last year, running the 4-mile event as my post-partum comeback.

Tomorrow, I will toe the line for a shot at redemption at the 4-miler.

I haven't talked much about the race because, well, it seems like small change when the Columbus Marathon is just 23 days away.

But that's not the only reason.

I signed up for the race under the naive notion that I would regain my speed (I use that term loosely) and maybe even get faster, which would set me up to {maybe} place. And in case I haven't mentioned it before, I'm not running at the paces I used to and the lofty goal I set is realistically out of reach.

Note: If you would like to whine some that I ran a 10K PR at 7 weeks pregnant at a pace I couldn't fathom now,  I can work on a post.

Regardless, Mark and I are planning to run quite aggressively, with my in-laws pushing Miles in the BOB for the same event. (His first race!!!) The goal, instead of a time one, is to leave it all out there on the course. The goal is to abandon fear and embrace the pain. The goal is to not stab Mark when he tells me I can, in fact, run faster.

And to not throw up with my medal on.

{And to finish in a fast enough time to teach BODYPUMP at 9 a.m.}

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  1. Kick butt and make your third attempt the best so far!